QNA and Fun Facts!

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Ladies and Gentleman! I present to you the QNA along with some fun facts about the previous stories up until now! I hope you enjoy!

The_art_person asks:

Q: Why did you start doing Wattpad?

A: I started doing Wattpad because it had more fan-fiction than a lot of websites I visited. Also, Wattpad had a community that would allow me to publish whatever I wanted.

ArseholeMarshmellow asks:

Q1: What's your favorite one-shot out of all the ones you've written?

A1: Oblivious Beauty. The four runners-up are Demon's Heart,  Vampiric Adoration, Halloween Mischief, and New Obsession.

Q2: What's your favorite ship? 

A2: Chansaw, McDuke, and Poly! Heathers+ Veronica.

Q3: What inspired you to start writing?

A3: Three answers, Heathers, life, and everyone here!

Q4: How long have you been writing for?

A4: 4 years for long stories, and 4 months for Wattpad.

_kawaii_girly asks:

Did you make your pfp????

No, still trying to find the artist, although I wish I did.

Now onto opinions and fun facts about a few of the stories!

My opinion on Trophy (Chansaw): I could've done that one a bit better.

Angelic Visitor: No one really seemed to want to read part two. Also, a sequel is coming out this weekend!

Beloved: It was originally planned to be a lemon.

Strange Circumstances and Enigmatic Girl were my least favorites.

I always imagine Veronica as the movie version: played by Winona Ryder.

Same with JD from the movie: played by Christian Slater.

While the Heathers are imagined as the ones from the musical.

None of my friends know that I write lesbian fanfiction, even though I'm not female.

My username originated from the story: Riperoni Macaroni as I usually want to be called Gabriel in real life.

The text fics and X-Reader prompts take 10-20 minutes to write.

The other 1000-2000 word stories take 2-3 hours to write.

Also, Vampiric Adoration will be getting a part two as well, soon. I'mma focus on the sequel to Angelic Visitor.

Yandere! Detective Chandler is the best!

I hope you enjoyed!



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