My New Pet (Part Two/ChanSaw)

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Marshy: Here's that part two? Well, I got bored and started writing. Plus, I owe you people an ending, so enjoy what my brain came up with. Again, this was requested by AuthorGabe! I hope you enjoy!


Veronica slowly slipped open an eye, “Ugh..” What the fuck happened, and why was she tied to a red painted chair.

Red.. Oh, shite, Heather kidnapped me. Then again, my kink has come to life!‘ The brunette thought with a giant grin, ‘Oh, now I really wanna.. do things.’ She giggled silently, but decided to play a trick on Chandler, as she heard her coming down the stairs.

“Oh, my love, I have come to see you!” Chandler cooed, reaching her. Veronica was playing dead, holding her breath, “Ronnie?” The blonde came closer, then gasped, “Veronica.. no…” She untied the girl and held her in her arms. Veronica was going to headbutt her and make a run for it. But Chandler felt so soft, so protective, that she couldn't help but actually breathe again. Chandler looked relieved once the brunette opened her eyes, “Vero! Thank God you're okay!”

“I was originally going to run away from you, but..”


“You're so protective, and comforting..” Chandler smiled softly, kissing Veronica's head.

“That's what I'm here for, my love.”


It's been three weeks since Veronica and Chandler announced their love for each other - infront of the whole school. They were happy, but a few students have gone missing. No one too important, but Veronica still found their bodies. She huffed in annoyance at the latest victim - Punk Girl, that everyone knew as Stephanie. Veronica pushed her lifeless body into the janitor's closet, marching off to find Heather Chandler.

She eventually found her, stabbing that one nerd who, Veronica quoted, ‘Would like to kidnap a Heather™ and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats.’, right in the middle of the hall. Thank God for free periods, amirite? The brunette sighed, as the nerd fell out of Chandler's grip, limp.

“Chan, I've submitted to you, my love, now could you stop killing people?” Veronica asked as Chandler listened to her as they headed towards the bathroom.

“He wanted to tie one of us up and abandon us in a warehouse!” The blonde protested, as the two popular girls entered the bathroom, as the less popular kids scrambled, none daring to even breathe in Veronica's presence, “How is that not stab-worthy?”

“Personally, I found that fuckin' hilarious how we all just turned to stare at him,” The brunette snorted at the memory.


A small nerd stood up on top a lunch table in the cafeteria, somehow having his hands on a megaphone, “Hey, everyone, I have an announcement!” He grinned, as others on his table looked away in disgust, knowing what was going to happen. The four girls looked at him in turn with the rest of the student body.

“That you're moving schools?” Ram shouted with excitement.

“No, this announcement's for the Heathers!…and Veronica too, I guess.” Duke, Mac and Chandler shared glances of confusion, and Veronica was mildly pissed.

“Hey!” The brunette pouted, as Chandler snorted.

“Ah-bup-bup! Let me finish! Anyway, I'd like to kidnap a Heather and photograph her naked in an abandoned warehouse and leave her tied up for the rats!” He exclaimed, shameless, it seemed. The blue girl buried her head in her arms on the table, dying with laughter. Duke growled.

“Shut up, Ron!” She turned to the nerd, who was still stood on the table, every student staring at him, “As if we'd ever want to go near you willingly!” She snapped, Chandler and Mac nodding in agreement.

“Besides, none of us are straight!” Chandler barked, glaring at the rest of the students, waiting for some kind of remark. The only thing heard was Veronica's wheezing and her giggles, as she wiped a tear from her eye.

“Oh, that is comedy gold!” The blue girl snorted. Chandler should've been outraged, but the red girl was merely staring with amusement, and slight lust.


“Hardy-ha. Now if he had said that to you, that would've been a different story. I've never seen you laugh harder in your life,” Chandler commented.

“You haven't seen a lot about me, Heather,” Veronica replied, as Chandler started to redo her make up.

Now this, was a Yandere worth submitting to.

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