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1o.| VIOLA.

A GASP LEFT HER LIPS AS SHE SHOT UP, PANTING AS SHE ATTEMPTED TO ADJUST BACK TO REALITY. The Caster had no idea what it was that she had gone through, but there was one specific detail that she remembered. There was a sort of glimmer about the gauntlet that was still on Thanos's hand, something that shouldn't have been. Glimmering from one of the various Infinity Stones, and that one being the Soul Stone. Giselle furrowed her brows as she attempted to figure out what the hell it all meant until her lips parted in realization.

She threw the covers off of her body and she jumped to her feet, the soles of her bare feet hitting the ground. The woman didn't care about putting on shoes as she rushed out of the room she was given to share with the other Guardians. She quickly rushed out of the room, but that was when she heard the commotion outside. There was another voice that was echoing through the air, and it was one that she remembered.

A bug-eyed expression fell on her face as she rushed into the main area of where they were staying, and that was when her eyes landed on her sister. The blonde figure stared back at her with similar features to her own, and Giselle rushed over to her, engulfing her in an embrace. Both of the Casters were silent in their embrace before the woman grabbed onto her sister's hand and dragged her out of the room. They had a conversation to have, and they couldn't be interrupted by the others.

Giselle glimpsed over her shoulder at the others, before closing the doors tightly behind her. The two Casters stared at each other for a few seconds, and it was the other that spoke first.

"Where on Earth have you been? We have all been so ―"

"―What do you know about the Infinity Stones? The Soul Stone specifically?" Giselle's sister, Viola, quirked an eyebrow as she stared at her sister, before shaking her head slightly. "Come on, if any of our fellow sisters would know about the Infinity Stones, it would be you. I remember you chattering non stop about those damned little rocks for years and now you're telling me that you have no idea which stone I'm talking about?"

"Giselle, please, I would like to talk with my sister normally for once, seeing as I thought you had vanished!" Viola snapped at her sister, shaking her head. "Jesus, what has gotten into you?"

"What's gotten into me is the woman I love was one of those people who was torn away from me and I have absolutely no way of getting her back unless I know more about the Soul Stone," Giselle countered, and she watched as her sister's face fell into a cheerless state. The woman shook her head as she turned to walk away, before twisting back around to face her sister. "Would it be possible that the missing souls were locked away into the Soul Stone?"

Viola pressed her lips together in thought, attempting to look back at all of her past research with the stones, before shrugging her shoulders, "I guess that it could be possible. The stone contains a sort of pocket dimension, so I believe that it could be very possible that that is where your fallen heroes have gone."

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