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Motorcycle guy and I didn't last. Surprised? Why should you be? Once I had stolen him, he no longer felt "worthy" of me.

I will admit, in the beginning things were great. When he draped his strong arm across my shoulder I felt warmth build up in my sensitive places. What can I say this guy made my pulse increase. His kisses tasted like candy and I was sitting high on my throne. 

News of the new power couple spread quickly. I had even been accepted into the music and art school after crushing my audition. High School was going to be a game changer for me. I was floating on a cloud and riding this wave of success. 

When I walked down the halls people moved to the sides. I always walked with my girls close by. We owned this school. If I looked at you, you smiled and dipped your head to avoid my gaze. You couldn't let me catch you staring at me for too long. You didn't want to draw attention to yourself. I respected that. Smart girl.

This was the year, I was feeling so good I had forgiven the traitors and helped ease them back onto their path. They would recover from my games...a little. I may be mean but I'm not heartless, not much at least. You're welcome old friends. May you spend the rest of your life trying to be a better person and friend to the next person you meet.

Mr. Beautiful stayed dating Amanda for a while but eventually, it fizzled out. She went back with neighborhood guy. What can I say? The guy took her virginity. She would always be his. Mr. Beautiful stopped dating for a while. Eventually, he started dating some girl from a different school. This bitch was threatened by me even though he and I hadn't been together for nearly two years. Crazy bitch.

She followed me home one day to fight me. I was pretty floored. She felt that his "attachment" to me wasn't healthy. FUCK.HER. We fought, unfortunately, we were evenly matched. She hated that. I hated it even more, but for a different reason. 

While I no longer cared if Mr. Beautiful dated someone else (He deserved to be happy), I did care that it was her. This girl annoyed me on a deep level. She was too much...like me. It irritated me. Why had he sought out someone so similar to me? What are you doing Mr. Beautiful? Let me go. 

Chasing other versions of me isn't the same thing as chasing me. She will never be me, no matter what she does. Flash forward about five years or so and this girl ended up being the mother of his kids. Go figure. Perhaps I dodged a bullet after all.

Let's get back to Motorcycle guy. He made me feel things that I liked very much. There was passion and excitement when I was with him. I experienced things with him that I hadn't experienced with Mr. Beautiful.  

Yet, even with motorcycle guy and his candy lips, I felt a distance that I couldn't describe. I was with him, yet I was utterly alone. My throne felt so high that I feared the fall would be worse than the climb. Always watching my back, waiting for someone hungrier than me to come around the corner.

In the end, he and I parted ways amicably and I pursued other interests. He wasn't a bright guy but he wasn't Big Oaf either. He ended up dating some chick from another school and I ended up dating this transfer student with deep brown eyes and chocolate skin. The two of us lasted a hot second. It took one date, one kiss and I was like "Nope, I'm out. Sorry dude." and that ended that story.

The sad thing about my story with Motorcycle guy is that I don't remember what he looked like. I only remember the way he made me feel. How odd. His bike and his candy kisses are what I took away from our time together. Sweet kisses on a blank canvas face. Unmemorable yet unforgettable. I wish I could have at least remembered your name. Sorry about that.

If I ended the story there, I imagine I might get some hate mail. Don't worry. There's more. There was a friend of my best friend Jolie's boyfriend that I had the displeasure (or pleasure depending on perspective) of spending time with. Let's call him Tom. 

Tom was incredibly attractive. He revved my boat but when he spoke the engine died. The sound of his voice killed any mood over and over and over again. When I first met him, our eyes connected and there was a spark. It was like in the movies. 

My heart skipped a beat and I momentarily forgot to breathe. His eyes flared as he gazed upon me. I couldn't help but notice how his eyes traveled down and back up my body in a smooth motion as though he were attempting to take all of me in. Magnetic.

Instant attraction is what we felt. I knew it the moment I laid eyes on him and he knew it too. Jolie and her boyfriend were deeply in love. They wanted Tom and me to get along. We tried to make it work for the sake of our friends. We were both attracted to each other physically, this was undeniable. 

When he touched me (without speaking) tingles spread across my body. His kisses were like fire sending warmth to all of my places. His hands were like magic and I swear, if he had been capable of silence for more than 20 minutes I might have forgotten myself and given him what he wanted. He never could though. I always wondered about that.

He knew what he needed to do. I had told him on more than one occasion I'd say "If you could just shut your fat mouth, I'd probably have sex with you." 

His lips would form a scowl and he'd say "I don't need you to have sex with me. If you don't like what I have to say I don't want to be with you." 

I'd look at him like he grew too many heads "You know you want to get with me." 

"I didn't say otherwise, but if you don't like me..." 

I had to stop him midsentence "Of course I don't like you. Have you MET you?" OK, it was a bit harsh but this guy. I saw a flash of sadness in his eyes but he recovered quickly. 

"I don't like you either." he spat. Liar. He liked me. I saw the way he looked at me. He kept coming even though he knew I treated him like shit. He kept talking to me even though he knew the sound of his voice bothered me. Most importantly, he kept kissing me even though he knew we would never go further than that because...just because his voice drove me insane. 

It rang in my head like a melody I didn't want to hear. His words stirred frustration and anger inside of me and when I looked at that lovely face, I deeply wished that he would just shut up.

He would either have me on my terms or not at all. That was the game. Let's see who cracks first.  


Author's Note: More to come. Things are going to get interesting with Tom. Like the chapter, if you enjoyed it and thank you for reading. 

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