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14.| EAT YOU.

THE AVENGERS WEREN'T AS FRIGHTENING AS HESTIA BELIEVED THEY WOULD BE. But there were quite a lot more of them than she had initially realized, and that was what made her even more star-struck. She saw people that had been on the television back at Atkin's home, and it was weird to be in their presence. They were these beings that the world either idolized or loathed, but she didn't know where she would side on the spectrum. She thought they were just people with a little something more to them, except for Thor and Venus. Those two were actual entities that she would never want to piss off.

She shifted in her stance as Fayre explained Hestia's situation and who she was to the team, and she couldn't help but glance over the Avengers. All of them were so different from the either, and she couldn't imagine what it would be like to fight amongst them, instead of against them. Because that was apparently the organization's plan with her: create a soldier that they could use to fight against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. She couldn't help but scoff at the mere thought of her being able to fight against the Avengers that stood in front of her.

If anything, she was deathly afraid of Fawn Galloway ― a shapeshifter that could turn into anything and tear her to shreds in a matter of seconds. Apparently, she was a sweet woman, but Hestia didn't want to take any chances with Fawn, she wanted to stay on her good side. Another Avengers that frightened her a little bit was Charlotte Rogers, a woman who was experimented on by the power of the Tesseract ― or Space Stone ― and she could imagine how much that would hurt. Her powers circulating around her body before entering her body and crushing her from the inside out. That was a terrifying thought and she hated herself for even having it.

Hestia glanced over her shoulder to Atkin, who still seemed as if he was indifferent about being there. She knew that he was against going to another organization for help against one that they had believed to destroy. She didn't know why he was so skittish around the Avengers, seeing as all they wanted to do was help Hestia through this rough patch and help her learn how to control her powers.

The man glanced down to her and the corners of his lips twitched up into a slight smile before he returned his attention to Fayre. The woman had stopped speaking as her chin turned to face Hestia, who instantly straightened up. Hestia raised her hand awkwardly as she gave the Avengers a wave, before mentally slapping herself for such a stupid interaction. She noticed a few of the heroes in front of her smile slightly at her, before turning back to Fayre.

That was when the meeting ended and Fayre approached Atkin and Hestia, her eyes trained on the younger girl, "How're you feeling with all of this? I know it's a lot to take in, especially with throwing you in with the Avengers on your first day."

"It's. . . a lot, definitely, but when am I going to begin training?" Hestia asked her, which made Fayre smile in response. "I really want to get the first day of you guys whipping me into shape and I want to know how it's going to go down."

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