Prologue-The Life Changing Letter

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The Life Changing Letter

I sat there with tears in my eyes, one hand covering my mouth and the other clutching the damn letter I just received in disbelief. 

A letter, which will change my life forever.

 I couldn’t comprehend what I had read.

I’m overseas, fighting for my country, my peoples’ safety and freedom.

Just like I’ve been doing since graduating high school.

And she left me.

Rage and despair flood my veins.

She can’t just leave me like this!

But she did.

And just like that she’s gone from my life, leaving behind my broken heart, 5 year old twins and a newborn baby.

Why? Why is this happening to me?

I’ve done nothing to deserve this pain I’m feeling.

Pain that can’t be treated with anything but time.

 I stand in a daze and walk outside the base, not even noticing the man with the gun pointed at me.

All I hear is “GET DOWN”, and then I’m flying through the air.

I feel a burning pain in my thigh and black dots cloud my vision.

This is good, this type of pain I can deal with.

I hear different voices calling my name but, I can’t answer.

She left me.

That’s my last thought before everything goes black.

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