Chapter 31

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"Maliyah..Maliyah..Maliyah!" A Familiar Voice Called, As Malikye Cried, But I Was Just Too Sleepy To Open My Eyes .

"You Need To Get Up, Babygirl, Th-" They Said, Pushing On Me, As Malikye's Cry Got Louder .

My Eyes Shot Open, Turning Towards Unc, Who Was Holding Malikye . I Quickly Sat Up, Then Grabbed Malikye From Out Of His Arms .

"Unc, I'm So Sorry" I Said, Standing Up From The Seat, While Rocking Malikye .

"What's Going On?" He Asked, Sounding Worried .

I Tried To Quickly Pack Up Our Things, But Malikye's Cry Only Slowed Me Down .

"Everything's Good, Unc, I-"

"Maliyah" He Called, Cutting Me Off, While Giving Me This Stare .

"What's Going On?" He Asked, Again .

Tears Instantly Built Up In My Eyes . I Slowly Took A Seat, As Malikye's Cry Begin To Stop .

"I- I Lost My Apartment So Kye And I Been Sleeping In The Car, And Sometimes Here" I Said, Then Looking Down, As I Wiped The Tears That Were Rolling Down My Face .

"What? Maliyah, Why Didn't You Say Something?"

"I Didn't Want Nobody Saying Anything Or Judging Me"

"You Know You Could've Came To Me, And You Know I Don't Judge..Come On, I Want You To Follow Me Back To My Place" He Said, As He Begin Walking Off . I Followed After, While Holding Kye In His Seat, And His Diaper Bag .

Once We Got In The Car, I Followed Unc Back To His Place .


"So How Long Has This Been Going On?" He Asked, While Walking Back And Forth Across The Living Room .

"A Couple Of Weeks Now" I Mumbled .

He Sighed, "So Shay Or Reese Didn't Know Nothing About This?"

"No" I Said, Shaking My Head .

"You Don't Have Any Family Members Or Anybody-"

"My Mama And I Moved Here About A Year Ago, So It's Just Me And Her, But We Don't Speak Anymore"

"Wow..This Is Very Upsetting That You Having To Go Through This . You Could've Came To Me, I Would've Let You Stay Here, Or Helped You With Anything That You Needed" He Said, As I Wiped The Tear That Was Rolling Down My Face .

"I'ma Call Reese Over Here" He Said, Pulling Out His Phone .


"No, Whatever Y'all Got Going On Y'all Need To Work It Out . It's Time To Squash That Shit" He Said, Then Putting The Phone Up To His Ear .

I Laid Sleeping Malikye Down On The Couch, Then Made My Way To The Bathroom .

I Stood In The Mirror, Staring At Myself, As Tears Built Up In My Eyes . Soon, I Just Broke Down, For The One Hundredth Time .

If I Didn't Have Malikye, I Would've Been An Ended This Shit .

My Own Mama And I Ain't Speaking No More . She Doesn't Even Know About Malikye, And Malikye Probably Won't Ever Know About Her . Same Thing With John, Malikye's Own Fucking Father . This Just Breaks My Heart . I Lost Christa, Which I Can Only Be Mad At Myself For, And Reese? Oh, I Don't Have Much To Say About Him .

I Got Pregnant At The Age Of Seventeen . I Tried To Grow Up Too Fast, Tryna Help Mama And Myself So I Danced . I Got So Caught Up, I Dropped Out Of Highschool, And I Was So Close To Graduating .

Now Look At Me, Homeless And Fucking Broke .

I Wiped My Face . Once I Was Done, I Made My Way Back To The Living Room .

I Couldn't Do Nothing But Break Down, Again, Seeing Reese Walk Through That Front Door .

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