Chapter 28

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"Maliyah, Please, Please Talk To Me . It's Been Almost Three Weeks Of You Ignoring Me, I Can't Do This No More . I Miss You . Look, I Know You Mad But Just Please Let Me Explain . Didn't Nothing Happen With That Girl, I Don't Even Know Who She Is, I Wasn't Even Tryna Fuck With Her . Just Please Hit Me Back" Reese Explained, Through Voicemail .

Shay Sighed, As She Shook Her Head, "Your Mama So Damn Stubborn" She Said, Talking To Malikye, As If He Could Understand .

"I Am Not Stubborn, Don't Lie To My Baby"

"No, You Need To Quit Lying To Yourself"

I Sighed, Laying Back On The Couch, Staring At Malikye .

"What's Wrong?" Shay Asked .

"I'm Stressed"

"About What?"

"Everything . I'm Tryna Keep Up With This Apartment, Pay For Cosmetology School, And Take Care Of Kye . This Shit Is So Stressful, I Just Wanna Give Up But I Can't"

"You Damn Right, You Can't! And Your Not, Period! Believe It Or Not, Kye Is Looking Up To You"

"I Know, But I Just Wanna Be Able To Give Him Everything Without Having To Worry"

"I Know You Do . You Can, And You'll Be Able To, You Just Gotta Keep Pushing . Forreal, You Need To Keep Going With This Hair Shit, You Cold At It!" She Said, Causing Me To Smirk .

"You Think So?"

"What? I Know So"

"I Think I'ma Start Back Working At The Club Sooner Than What I'm Suppose To"

"-How Soon? Cause You Still Got About Three More Weeks To Heal, Ma'am"

"Shay, If I Wanna Get Out The House, I'ma Get Out The House, Period" I Said, Chuckling .

"No Bitch, You Need To Heal! I Know That Thang Still Sore"

I Looked At Her Sideways, Making A Face, "Somewhat"

"Exactly!" She Said, As We Both Chuckled .

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