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It's a really hot day today. I wish it could be cooler because I am going to roast here! I am going through my to-do list and it's the same things as always: I walk around and see if I find some kind of food, and at night I just continue to walk some more. It's the same thing I do every day.

 I just have to look out for the giants. I have seen them a couple of times, but my friend Daisy said to me that they sometimes pick you up and they make you walk around in their HUMONGOUS hands. They even make you roll up into a ball! The worst kind of giants are the small giants, and the screech that they produce is horrendous. Ugh, I hope I won't run into one of those. 

Anyways, I should continue my routine and continue looking for food. Suddenly, I feel the ground shake and I hear the horrible screech of the small giants. "AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK! A ROLLY-POLLY! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! GET IT!" Oh no! The small giants are after me! I want to run faster, but I can't go any faster than I already am. They try to grab me by pinching my back and they try to make me walk on their hands, but I refuse to walk on their nasty hands.

 I hope they don't grab me because I remember that Daisy told me that sometimes when they make you roll into a ball, they shake you in their hands, like if you were a pair of dice. I keep running until I reach the grass. Phew! But then the small giants are looking in the grass and then, I'm spotted! One of the giants grabs me and puts me onto their hand. By then, I'm already a ball, so I wait. I didn't feel anything, so I decided to unroll myself. I find myself on one of the hands and I try to walk to the edge, but as soon as I get to the edge, the hand moves until I am on the other side of the hand. Suddenly, I hear a much older voice and it tells the small giants to put me down and to leave.

 They start complaining but then give up. They put me on the ground and I ran deep into the forest of grass. The small giants left, and I went to continue my daily routine.

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