Chapter 26

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The Next Day

"Knock Knock!" Doctor Rain Said, Smiling, Before Walking Into The Room .

"Hi" I Said, Smiling Also .

"How You Doing? You Ready To Go Home?"

"I'm Doing Ok, And Yes! I'm Very Ready To Go Home" I Said, Causing Doctor Rain To Let Out A Dry Laugh .

"Well Good News, You'll Be Going Home Today!"

"Thank God, I Miss My Bed" I Said, Laying My Head Back In Relief .

Doctor Rain Ran A Few More Tests On Malikye, Then I Had To Sign A Few Papers So I Could Be Released .

This Was So Draining . The Only Thing That I Wanted To Do Was Go Home, And Cuddle Up With Malikye, And Reese .

"You Got It, Babe?" Reese Asked, As I Slowly Got Into The Back Of The Car .

"Ye- Yeah, I Got It" I Said, Sitting In The Seat, Sighing In Relief .

I Looked Over At Malikye, Who Was Sleeping So Peacefully .

My Baby So Precious!

"You Hungry? Thirsty? You Need Me To Stop Any Where Before We Go Back To The House?" Reese Asked, Looking Back At Me .

"Yeah, I'm Thirsty..For You" I Said, Causing Us Both To Chuckle .

"You Play Too Much" He Said, Shaking His Head, While Starting The Car .

"I'm Forreal"

"Alright Now, We Gone Be Back In This Hospital"

"Yeah Yeah" I Said, Smiling, As I Rolled My Eyes Back .

"Yeah Yeah My Ass..You Ain't Gone Be Able To Handle This"

I Smacked My Lips Together, "Please"

"You Talking All This Shit And You Ain't Even Had It Yet . Yeah, When The Time Comes I'ma Fuck You Up"

"We Gone See..I Might Like It" I Said, Looking At Him Through The Rearview Mirror . He Looked Back At Me, And Smiled .

As Soon As We Made It Home, Malikye And I Got In The Bed . One Of Reese's Bestfriend's Is Getting Married Tomorrow, He's Going To The Bachelorette Party Tonight, So He's Getting Ready .

I Don't Think I'll Be Able To Stay Here Alone With The Baby, While I'm Still Sore So I Called Shay Over .


"Unc Wanted Me To Tell You That He's Sorry He Hasn't Been By To See You . He's Been Busy With The Club But He's Got A Gift For You And Kye, And Congratulations" Shay Said .

"Aww, Tell Him I Said Thank You, And I Understand" I Said .

"Unc Is Gone Love Kye" She Said, Staring At Malikye, Sleeping .

"I'm Already Knowing"

"So How You Feeling?" Shay Asked .

We Both Laid Across The Bed, With Malikye In Between Us, Watching Lifetime .

"Girl, I Don't Even Know . Between Me Just Having A Baby, And Reese Going Out Right Now, I Just Don't Know"

"Where He Go?"

"I Guess One Of His Bestfriend's Is Getting Married Tomorrow, And They Having A Bachelorette Party Tonight So That's Where He's At"

"So What You Worried About?"

I Sighed, "Honestly, I Just Don't Wanna Go Through Anything I Had To Go Through In My Past . I Really Love Reese . I Guess I'm Just Scared That Something's Gone Go Wrong"

"Nothing's Gone Go Wrong, I Promise . Reese Isn't Even That Type Of Person"



"I Fucks With You, I Really Do..But Do You Really Think I'ma Believe That? Especially Coming From You, Since You Are His Sister?"

"What? You Don't Believe Me?"

"I Want To, But I Can't"

"Damn, That Kinda Hurt But I Get What You Saying"


After Awhile, Shay Had Fell Asleep, And Malikye Was Still Asleep, But I Couldn't Fall Asleep, My Thoughts Wouldn't Let Me .

Thinking About All Of The Things That Could Go Wrong While Reese Is Out Tonight, Bothered Me So Bad .

So I Slowly Slid Out Of Bed, Trying Not To Wake Shay Or Malikye . I Slipped On A Jacket And Some Slides, Then Made My Way Out Of The Front Door .

I Made My Way Over To Where The Bachelorette Party Suppose To Be At .

As Soon As I Got There I Sat In The Car For A Minute, Thinking If This Was A Good Idea Or Not .

If I Do It, It'll Make Me Feel A Little Better, And Maybe The Thoughts Of Him Fucking With Another Women Will Stop . If I Don't, Then It'll Just Keep Bothering Me And It'll Only Get Worse .

"Fuck It" I Said, Then Slowly Got Out Of The Car .

I Made My Way Up To The Building . Once I Got To The Door, I Stood There For A Second . My Heart Begin To Beat Ten Times Faster .

Then I Just Walked In . It Was Men And Women Everywhere, Naked Women, And The Men Were Just Enjoying It, I Could Tell .

It Was Dark And The Only Lights There Was, Was Party Lights So It Took Me A Minute To Get Around The Building, And To Look For Reese .

As Soon As I Spotted Him, My Heart Dropped, My Jaw Dropped, Tears Built Up, And My Fist Balled Up .

I Quickly Walked Over To Where He Was Sitting, Pulling Some Familiar Looking Bitch Off Of Him, By Her Hair .

"Jelly?" I Asked, Angrily .

Before She Could Even Say Anything Back, I Punched Her In Her Nose Causing Her To Fall Back .

"Maliyah!" Reese Called, Pulling Me Back Towards Him .

"What?! What Reese? What?!" I Asked, Yelling, Yanking My Arm Away From Him .

"The Fuck?! What's Wrong With You?"

"-You Must Think I'm Stupid, Huh? You Think I'm Fucking Stupid-"

"What Are You Talking About? She-"

"I Don't Even Wanna Hear It, Reese, I'm Done! All Of Your Shit Will Be Sitting Outside, And Lose My Fucking Number!" I Said, Walking Off .

Everybody Stared Me Down, Looking Shocked, As I Made My Way Out .

"The Fuck Y'all Looking At?!" I Yelled .

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