chapter 4

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i drove all the way home in silence. i don't really know why that luke character bothered me so much. i couldn't stand him. maybe because he laughed at that god awful joke, maybe it's because he's trying to steal my best friend. i'm not sure.

when i pull up in my driveway, i get out of the car and walk inside. the house was empty. not with furniture but with people. usually kids like myself would come home to parents or siblings but instead my parents and my sister are in america having the time of their lives. they've been there for months now. so i've been taking care of the house and myself for a matter of fact. i don't mind it. more time for myself even though i feel alone all the time. calum always came over after school but he's been spending time with luke. i guess i should get ready to go over to calums flat in a bit.

i walk upstairs and set my stuff on my bed and head into the bathroom. i get undressed and make myself a bubble bath. i pour a bunch of soap so it makes a mountain of soap bubbles and i hop in. i turn the lights off and i light some of my favorite candles. i play some music, blink 182, mostly. that's all i really listen too. my candles are flickering and i calm down. 

about ten minutes into my bath i hear voices and it freaks me out. i sit up completely covered in bubbles and look over. calum walks up into the door with that villain luke. i yell out and try to cover up as best at possible, considering that i'm naked in a bubble bath.

"damn arie, cold much?" luke says with a smirk.

i roll my eyes and flick him off, forgetting my hand that i just used was covering my breast and gave him a huge view that he didn't deserve to see. i didn't mind calum because we have seen each other naked and i didn't care if he saw me but it was luke that bothered me.

"calum can you please get this jerk out of here?" i practically shouted.

luke gave me a smirk before he went into my bedroom and i'm guessing sat on my bed. i look over at calum and start bitching him out.
"okay calum i know you have a key and all but you should've call or at least given me a warning!" i exclaimed.
"i'm sorry babe but i didn't think you'd be naked! come outside and hurry!" he ran into the room and closed the bathroom door for me. how nice of him.

i get out of the bubble bath and get dressed, some boy short panties and a white t shirt. i walked into the room and stared at the too boys. "okay so what is it that you guys want?" i asked with a sarcastic tone.

"well we are gonna have a party here, tonight!" calum told me and i laughed out loud. seriously laughed so hard tears came to my eyes. "yeah yeah, funny calum. not happening." i told him and walked over to my dresser, i was completely unaware that my ass was exposed to luke and i turned around quick. "could he like not be here?" i asked annoyingly. "actually babygirl, i have to be because this party is happening and it's happening in two hours so make sure you cover up a little more. wouldn't want anyone seeing that sexy ass besides me.

i stood there with my mouth open, shocked as ever. did he just say that to me? "okay fine. party here. two hours. you stay away from me!" i screamed the last part and went over and pointed to luke. "calum you better be lucky that i love you," i said before walking back over to my dresser grabbing some clothes. "you're awesome ar! i'm heading to buy some things we need for tonight. luke is gonna stay here!" he said as he walked out of my room and left me and luke here. it was completely awkward. filled with tension that i didn't like at all. i figured calum left him here with me so we could bond. but i don't see that happening.

luke comes over and looks down at me. "baby girl you are so sexy, why are you doing this to me?" i cannot lie when i felt my breathing speed up. i looked up at him and looked into his crystal blue eyes. "why are you saying that to me?" i asked but after the words left my mouth his planted a kiss right onto my lips. it felt good. i was shocked. he is a good kisser. those rumors are correct. the kids didn't last long because his lips moved to my neck and sucked long and hard forming a bruise. some of my moans left my mouth and i didn't want it to stop. but wished barley come true. he pulled away and looked at me before saying, "you're mine tonight" winking and then leaving me in my room speechless. i quickly shut my door and looked into my mirror seeing a huge hickey on my neck. i don't think calum wanted us to bond like this...

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