Blue threw his head back, "Aww come on bruh, why you do dat?"

"She was talkin to some other nigga behind my back and I seen the messages." Simon rubbed his hand down his face, stressfully.

"A taste of ya own medicine huh?"

"Nigga this ain't a joke, she called the police on me."

Tears ran down Charmaine's face as she pressed her bloody nose with tissue, 911 on speed dial. Never in a million years did she think he would put his hands on her.

She let her bestfriend get into her head about Simon and triggered her to talk to someone else.

Charmaine knew that she was wrong, but it felt good to treat him the way he did her. The only difference is, he could beat her up.

Simon felt bad for putting his hands on his woman but he couldn't control his anger at the moment. Instead of walking away, he choked her against a wall and punched her in the nose. He loved her to much to let another nigga have the satisfaction of even talking to her. It made him jealous.

"You hit her or you just roughed her up?" Blue asked.

"I punched the shit outta her, and I feel bad but I gotta leave before the feds come. Can I crash at yo place?"

"Damn... Yea man, you know where the key at."

"Good lookin."

"Ight," Blue disconnected the call, shaking his head. As much as he wanted to hear the full story of how everything happened, he couldn't. There was other business that needed to be handled. "Ava!" He called out.

Ava jumped at the sound of his deep voice and turned off the faucet, "Yea!? I'm in here."

Blue made his way to the room and joined her in the bathroom. She stared at his through the mirror as he stood behind her.

"Wassup?" She asked, innocently.

"I need you to put some cloths on. I'm finna take you to go get somethin," he said playing with one of her loose in the back of her head.

"Where?" She frowned, ignoring the fact that his twirled her hair in his finger.

He stopped once he realized her facial expression, "You still don't trust me?"

"I never said I didn't. Why can't I ask you a simple question? I literally said where... how is that not trusting you? I live with you for gods sake." She sassed him.

"Just don't ask me no questions. Get dressed."

Ava turned around to face him. Shit, he's beautiful. His face looked smooth and handsome as he looked down on her short figure with a blank look on his face. It was tempting for Ava to kiss his full lips, but she didn't want to be awkward even though he would of like it.

Instead, she place her hand onto his hard chest and gently pushed him back. "You don't tell me what to do."

"Ight, So what do you want to do?" Blue could see right through her act. He knew that she was playing hard to get, but that wasn't a issue for him.

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