Chapter 11

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A soft moan escaped Ava's mouth as Blue gently sucked along her neck. Her womanhood came to life, producing her natural juices as he trailed his kisses down to her chest, leaving love marks behind.

Once he got down to her breast, he pulled her shirt over head and threw it on the floor. She laid there with nothing but her underwear on. Blue cupped her breast and kissed each of her swollen nipples before continuing his journey down her body.

Ava's breath deepened when he made made it to her boy shorts. "Relax," he whispered against her inner thigh, cause chills to stroke down her spine like lightning.

Butterflies fluttered in her stomach as he took his time, teasing her, making her feign for more. He grabbed both of her legs firmly and put them on his shoulder, not wasting any time to remove the shorts from her body.

After he got them off , he threw them on the floor as well.

By this time, Ava's womanhood was leaking like a faucet. it was calling his name.

Blue pushed Ava's legs back to her shoulders and licked his juicy lips before placing his tongue—

A loud door slam woke Ava up from her dream, causing her to quickly sit up. She felt her body to make sure her cloths was still on and blew out a deep breath. "Damn," she groaned rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

Blue was no where in sight as she looked around. Instead, he was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and taking his morning piss. Last night was the best he had slept in a while even though he got four hours of sleep.

Having Ava be his side gave him comfort and support. That's all he needed.

After he was done brushing his teeth, he washed his face and exited the bathroom, seeing Ava wrapped up in the covers with her eyes wide open like she had been shocked.

"You seen a ghost?" He asked walking over to the dresser to grab his IPhone X, checking the time that read 11:46am.

Ava blinked and sat back up, "No... I just had a dream and I was trying to go back to sleep, but I can't."

"It must've been a good dream," Blue leaned against the dresser and went to his Call Log. He saw two missed calls from Simon which was unusual.

You have no idea, Ava thought.

Ava pulled the hot covers off her body and stood up to stretch. She noticed the Blue was deep into his phone so she left and went into her room to brush her teeth as well.

Blue decided to call Simon back.

"Yo, bro." Simon answered after the first ring. His voice sounded panicky. That was also unusual.

"You good?"

"Nah, me and Charmaine just got into it." He was sitting outside of his house, across the street with a duffle bag of cloths in the back seat of his cocaine colored Range Rover.

Blue sighed. He thought that something more important happened. "Y'all always gettin into some shit. What now?"

"Man it ain't like dat, B. I put my hands on ha."

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