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what if you'll get caught?

renjun scoffed at what the younger said, ❝they are in china, lele.

the younger nodded, flopping his body down his fluffy bed and watched the other chinese pack up his things. ❝yeah but what if they come and get you?

renjun stopped packing for a while and went to the window, ❝this, my friend, is korea. they can't possibly find me here.

chenle shrugged, his head was full of what ifs. renjun was a runaway prince from china— okay, maybe not a prince but renjun's family is one of the richest in china and this boy right here ran away from home just because his father cannot accept him of his sexuality. wait, he didn't technically run away since his father was the one who kicked him. renjun had money to go to korea and luckily found his childhood friend, which is chenle, and stayed at the younger's apartment ever since.

don't over think things lele.❞ this wasn't the first time chenle asked him things about his runaway.

but ge, i don't want you to get hurt.❞ chenle thought that if they catch renjun, they might abuse him and such. he couldn't bare the thought of his fellow chinese friend getting hurt. ❝if you want, i can tell my parents to adopt you.

renjun's jaw dropped, ❝lele!

i'm serious.❞ the younger pouted, ❝my mom treats you like her son and i'm sure dad won't mind.

the older softened because of what chenle is acting, he was somehow happy that chenle cared, that chenle was worried. but even though, he didn't want the younger to be. ❝chenle, i still have my mom supporting me.

but ge—

renjun jumped to the bed, squishing the younger who was letting out muffled dolphin noises. ❝they won't look for me okay? don't worry.

o—❞ chenle let out a loud scream when renjun started to tickle him, ❝okay ge! stop!


it took someone to barge inside chenle's room to stop. it was no other than chenle's boyfriend which was looking at them with a pained look. chenle was down on the bed with his chinese friend hovering him with his hands on chenle's waist, well that wasn't a pleasing sight to see.


the boyfriend showed a small smile, obviously forced. ❝did i disturb something? i'm—❞ a pillow cut him off from talking.

it was renjun throwing a big and fluffy pillow at him. his action caused chenle to gasp and hit him by the arm, ❝gege!

jisung would over react sometimes and renjun hated it. the older didn't do anything and waited for the youngest to cry, well at least that's what he guessed that will happen. jisung was looking down and chenle was worried that his boyfriend might actually cry, this has happened before so he knows.

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