Chapter 19 - Awful Decisions=Awful Memories

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Bonus Chapter


Bella walks out of the restaurant in a rush, her mind going wild in thoughts of what exactly she should do now, besides leaving that mansion. She couldn't go back there.

"Miss Bella? Madam where are you going?" he asks getting out of the car in a rush, watching her intently as an aggressive animal as she keeps walking the opposite way.

"Madam Isabella?" he shouts louder when the Italian starts running unlucky tripping in a rock and falling right away. That only makes her cry harder now cursing herself. "Isabella..." Valtteri kneels down to help her as soon as he watches her falling, helping her up right away. "Are you okay?" Bella nods slowly holding onto his hands. Everything Daniel said had hurt her even more, that was definitely worse. "Where were you going Ma'am?" he asks worriedly

"Home!" she replies bitterly. "My home."

"Sure I can take you we just have to wait for Master... - "

"I'm not gonna put my fucking feet in that house ever again!" she sniffs

"Bottas! Take her home." Daniel says coming out of the restaurant, finally, looking at her.

"I'm not going to that place anymore, not with you, not with anyone." she turns around meaning every word she just said. He just avoids eye contact with her

"Bottas! Take her home." he ordered more serious, his gaze fixed on his bodyguard who nods undoubtedly.

Valtteri looks at Bella apologetically, who was glaring at the Australian who still avoided eye contact. Bella wanted to run away but she couldn't, because she would probably get killed and even if she could how was she supposed to get into her apartment at that time of the night anyway? Maybe it didn't even existed anymore, maybe it had new owners anyway

She reluctantly walks to the car getting on the backseat. Bottas walks to the drivers seat where he confidently seats with a sigh. Daniel is standing on the same spot looking at Bella assuring her that he could see her as bright as she could see him and that bothered her even more. He was a freaking bastard.


"Miss? Miss we should see those scratches, they seemed pretty bad." Bella shakes her head ignoring Valtteri, she decides to go straight to her room, even though he just wanted to help she wasn't on the mood for that.

Once she opens the door, sadness, embarrassment emptiness and every negative things from her past comes washing over her when she lays in the door way sliding through the floor. Bella tries hard, really hard to cry her balls out but no tears come out and she gets deeply angry for that.

Daniel's words echoed in her mind.

Because you're superficial, you're weak, selfish but most of all, you're shallow Isabella and that's why you can't stop selling your body, and that's sad, that's too sad.

His words are in replay inside her mind like a scold, the same bitterness, and disgust making her feel even more guilty, those words didn't have and didn't want to leave.

It did hurt a lot more than any other dude. His words had a harsher impact on her and it bothered her. Daniel was different from the guys Bella had to be with. He didn't fall for her easily like they did, he had this tough rough wall around him and it bothered her so much. Bella had been treated this bad before yet she didn't give a single shit about it but with Daniel was a whole different story. Maybe because since she got into the business he was the guy she wanted to meet, or because he just doesn't look at her the same those guys do.

He won't let Bea through, he's stubborn, he's harsh, he's mean even without a single reason.

The red dress had dirt from the early fall as she stares intently at the soft material, the stunning piece of clothing amazed her.

"I do like him, he's so sweet with me and he adores Leyla." Bella smiles following her friend behind. "No man has ever treated me so nice, Minttu. He's not like my" she stutters shaking her head. "He's not like my ex boyfriend."

"And?" she asks unimpressed looking at some golden watches. By only the price tag Bella was sure she couldn't afford that. "He sells ice-cream, what the sweet treatment will buy you if he does not have any money? Do you think he can buy you these single watches if you marry him?" she asks holding the expensive watch in her hands.

"Minttu, it's not about Money." Bella replies sighing. The Italian knew what she wanted, deep down she did.

" Money talks sweetheart, just look around." she wages her fingers as Bella turns to glance at the women around. One looking at a beautiful gorgeous dark dress, the other trying a stunning pair of shoes, another one trying a beautiful blue dress." I know what is to want something you can't afford my love that's why I told you it wasn't something hard at all to do." she shrugs.

Bella bites her lower lips still looking at the women around, some paying for their just obtained object, others contently trying tons and tons of more clothing, sipping a glass of champagne. That's the life she always wanted and she was willing to do anything to have that.

"Tell me when and what do I have to do."

Bella shakes her head trying to stop those vivid memories from coming back. Minttu always wanted to help her, and Bella was willing to do anything for money. It was her, it was always her.

"Have you ever thought about us getting married? Because I do." he smiled. "You know owning a big house, our kids running around." he continues dreamily and Bella can't help but reply everything Minttu told her. Her friend was probably right and she felt that.

"And how are you supposed to do it with this job?" she whispers staring at the sea.

" I will do my best to get more money get a degree and even find a better job."

Bella scoffed shaking her head. "Being the ice-cream guy? That's your plan then?" she asks sarcastically not bothered to look at him."

He was the nicest guy she had ever dated, he was sweet, caring, lovable, respectful and never ever had laid a hand on her. Still that was somehow not enough for Bella. Something was missing.

"Love, things aren't easy as they look, you know it's hard to find good jobs lately. But I will work hard for us, I promise." Bella rolls her eyes scratching the back of her head in annoyance."

" You've been saying that for the last two years yet you still don't have a car, nor a degree not even a job!"

"Bells, what's going on? Why are you saying these things?" his eyes furrowed when Bella closes her eyes biting her lower lip."

"Because this is not enough for me. I want money, I want power and want everything I deserve. I want fame, I want to be known. I don't want to work in coffees, restaurants and whatever, I don't want to be broke eternally I don't want to worry about money at all and with you I feel like I'll never reach those goals. I'm so sorry. " she sighs getting up from his side and never ever turning around to look at him.

Bella is now sobbing and crying harder than earlier. Those memories were coming like a harsh cold and a sharp reminder that she really was everything Daniel said.

" Because you're superficial, you're weak, selfish but most of all, you're shallow Isabella and that's why you can't stop selling your body, and that's sad, that's too sad."

And mostly Shallow.
Daniel was absolutely right.


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