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You know me. Or at least you wish you did.
    Hello, I'm Vixen Foxheart and I write Romantic Suspense. I have 2 alter-egos. But never mind them for now. There are some novels ideas that my alter-egos just aren't going to write, so I'm writing them. 

    If you like my works, please follow/vote/comment/share. It will help me get around. I will have a set posting schedule for you once I get a routine going.


Disclaimer(s) about my writing: 

     My plots will be CLEAN. To me, this means my work can be read by all audiences; 13 is the cut-off age. I will only add what is necessary, according to my preferences, this includes "behind closed doors" and "fade to black" scenes. However, such incidences will only be included for secondary characters. My main character (narrator of the story) will not partake in anything of such. (3/16/19 edited to add:) UNLESS they are married.

    Language: I rarely go beyond the occasion "damn it" or "shi-" (and I do mean "shi", I don't even write the full word). Any other use of harsh language is not in my vocabulary. Please do not take any of this in any offense. 

  Suspense is actually a new genre for me, but it seems to be what people are looking for at the moment. Which is why I chose to write Romantic Suspense for #NaNoWriMo2018 - I know what I'm doing, but at the same time, I don't. Be gentle.

  Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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