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Its been two months and all i have felt is pain. Pain after pain. I don't know if i should be angry at her or sad.

Everyone has been a mess, her parents even had to come over to access the matter.

Her brothers are taking it worse, even worse than i am.

"We have searched every where we could but no sign of her"Lawrence growled while his pregnant mate tried to comfort him.

"We will just have to keep searching, its been two months"Drew said and i sighed.

I couldn't even function properly because of how weak i am.

I called a pack meeting because everyone is growing antsy, we have a feeling of something huge approaching but we don't know where from.

"We really need to start calling other packs for help because even though we find her, we know we are up against the rogue alpha" Shawn said and i nodded in agreement.

"I know, i will sta-" my words were cut short when i felt my chest tightening that i couldn't help but hold it.

"Whats wrong alpha?" i heard someone asked but i couldn't focus.

All of a sudden i gasped and focus my gaze in the middle of the living room. I felt that overwhelming feeling i get whenever she is around.

Suddenly, her brothers gasped, knowing they could also feel her but not as strongly as i could. Everyone was tense, the air in the room was tight as we awaited was would happen next.

Before we could blink, ten people appeared but one was able to stand out.

Her white hair flowed gracefully behind her back but the odd thing was that her eyes was red almost bloody.

"We will get you guys rooms in the pack house, if you want a separate house, just come to me we will figure it out" she spoke out. Though her voice was strained, it was still the most beautiful thing i have heard.

She fell to the ground groaning as she dug her claws into the ground.

I saw someone run towards her and i recognize her as Prisci.

I thought i banished her?

"Dawn you have to go into the forest now, stop trying to control it, she might break the barrier soon" she said as she cradled Dawns head on her lap.

Since when did she care? They were practically enemies.

Suddenly, Victor gasped and rushed out of the room only to return with 2 packets of blood.

"Whats wrong?" i asked.

"She has been blood deprived for 2 months and since she is half vampire, she also needs blood just as much as full vampires do. Its not common for half vampires but she is a different case" he explained the tore open the packet and placed it by her mouth.

She drained the blood immediately but she clearly wasn't satisfied.

'she has fed from you before doofus, only yours would do now' my wolf said.

I saw Victor shaking his head as he fed her another packet "This wont do Gray, you have to give her some of yours" he said.

I didn't need to be told twice. I ran towards her and placed my wrist by her mouth urging her to take some.

Her fangs pierced my skin and i suppressed the urge to moan. Anytime she drinks from my blood, we were always alone and it was always when we were having sex.

After a while, i started feeling woozy, she must have noticed because she removed her fangs from my skin and licked the spit where she bit me.

I watched as her eyes became grey and i smiled.

"Thanks Grayson" she said and i kissed her forehead.

"Anytime Phoenix" she smiled one last time before retreating back and giving Dawn control.  

As soon as i saw those beautiful blue diamond eyes, i couldn't help but sigh.

"Hey guys" was all she said before passing out.

It was then i noticed she was still on Prisci's lap so i picked her up and cradled her to my chest.

I noticed she was still wearing the clothes she was wearing the day she was kidnapped.

I took her to the bathroom, bathe her before dressing her in one of my shirt and boxer before laying her on the bed.

I would deal with the others later because she was the only one that mattered now.

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