Whats My Name?

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Here are the list of the characters names and their importance or 3 role in this story. Some will have last names, some will not. The list will be hopefully ordered in a way that you will understand them. I will tell you their first and last name then for some I will list their role in the story. Warning, some of them might have double or even triple roles in the story!

Main characters :
Elisabeth Midnight
Rebecca/ Blade Midnight
Daniel Midnight- father of El and Reb
Sarah Midnight- mother of El and Reb

Hitler McBride- evil stepfather
Jamie McBride- evil stepmother
Amelia McBride- evil, bratty stepsister
Cassie McBride- bratty stepsister
Emerald McBride- sweet stepsister

Okay the next list of characters aren't the most important except the prince aren't the most important. The rest are ones you will see throughout the book

McBride servants:

Rose- sweet
Haley- gossip, talkative
● Shelly- rebellious


● King Richard
● Queen Victoria
● Prince Lionel

Kingdom knights:

Ryker Pierce
Sid Black
Silver Armstrong
Carlos Collins
Bruce Vain
( plus more)

The main story house, the Nightingale house:

Maxwell Nightingale
Quinn Nightingale

Other houses in the story:

Lady Zahava- House of Yeva/ Russia

Lady Jacqueline- House of Mousse/ France

Lady Nicole- House of Pride and Honor/ Italy

Lady Mia- House of Rubine/ Poland

Lady Jessica- House of Eagle's Feathers/ America

● Lady Alexandra- House of Hola/ Spain

Now these bunch of characters are not important to the story. They are more like fill ins.

Town people :

Mr. Brown- town baker
Miss Aqua- town's orphanage lady
Mr. Ironsides- town's blacksmith
Miss Mary- seamstress
Mr. Richland- town's farmer
Mr. Anderson- weapon designer

Orphanage kids


Okay there you are. There are probably more characters as well, but I haven't added them yet Now, you are probably wondering the famous question, can my Oc be in this? Well, Sapphirethehedgecat, PrincelyEagle29, siasiaisa, and many others, I wasn't  going to but. . . .  I changed my mind. But.... I have two things to point out.

1. If you want to be in it, of course tell me in the comments below, but here's the thing. You can be anyone you want to be in this book from a lady to a orphanage kid, you choose, but you will not be half animal and half human. You will only be fully human will no powers. Sorry but that's how it has to work.

2. I will not be adding any of your Oc boyfriends if you have any. ( Sapphirethehedgecat!)  Sorry but I want to stay somewhat modern in this book.

Okay so now that is out of the way, I  meant to warn some of you if you guys become or want to be added in The ones who hate dresses...... you will have to wear them . Sorry but in this setting of the book, you will have too.  However, for some of the things in the book, the ladies will wear pants somewhat so rested assured. ;) Now another warning, this book is a half modern but mostly old times. For example,  there won't be any phones or Tv's but there might be ziplining and other crazy modern stuff so please bear with me and my co assistant in the book, SpiraltheHAW)

Well, that's it! The next chapter will be the backstory of the book then the first chapter! Please enjoy!

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