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Hey guys! Its me, Danielle with an all new story!
Now everyone knows the story of Cinderella, she was a servant girl with evil stepmother and evil stepsister. She wanted to go to the ball but was rudely refused to go. Then her dress that was originally her mother was ripped apart. She ran off crying and her fairy godmother saves the day. She goes to the ball, meets the prince, fall in love and..... you know the rest.
However, have you ever wondered if that wasn't the true version? I mean, there has got to be more to the story.... right? What if I told you that there was a stepfather in the pic and a mystery? Well, I can't give away any secrets but let me tell you...... you do not want to miss this story. It going to be full in high chase pursuits, sword fighting, evil, triumph, defeat, hope, failures, death, and...... romance. You will love this Cinderella story with a slight Christain twist to it. I hope you will join me.

Reader Note: This book was created by SpiraltheHAW aka Tori and me.

The pictures are mostly not my own unless they were drawn by me or her.

This book is going to be in play form since I find it easier and faster to write this way.

Also, if there is a new character being introduced, I will use the symbol, "?" to stand in the person place until their name is stated.

There will probably be errors in the geography laid out so please forgive as I will try to stay true but I will probably mess up somewhere. And if there is any mention of historical people that are alive or dead, or newly created places like the Odenpyr Mountains for example, don't base your history off of this book.

This is a strictly Christian book.
There will be nothing immortal about this book. It will he completely clean with nothing more than kissing. Sorry for the ones who want more. I sadly can't give that.

If there are parts of the book that reference the movies of Cinderella or the other versions, I already disclaim them as my own idea. Mostly, however this book was created by my friend and I combined minds.

In the next chapter, I will explain the background so you can see that the book is mostly different.

I will also list the different names in the book.

And lastly, please enjoy this book.


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