November 8, 2018 - From Broadcasts to Announcements

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Hey Wattpadders!

For years, Wattpadders have used Broadcast Messages as a way to connect with their followers - whether it's sharing exciting personal milestones or announcing contest winners. Previously, we would send Broadcast Message notifications via email. Over time though, the volume of Broadcast Message emails being sent and received grew substantially. This made it harder for us to deliver other, important email notifications to you all.

On August 30th, we made the decision to redirect Broadcast Message notifications to the Notifications Feed. In the time since we made this change, we've noticed two major improvements. One: our ability to deliver other email notifications has greatly improved. Secondly: we've noticed an increase in the connections our users are making through Broadcast Messages. Given the increased visibility of Broadcast Message notifications, more Wattpadders are engaging with posts from people they follow than ever before - and they're able to do that right from within the platform.

While we're thrilled with these positive outcomes, we also know that adding any new type of notification can make it harder for you to find the information you really care about. This is why we're actively working on Notifications Feed improvements; our goal is to make it easier for you and other Wattpadders to connect with the people and stories that matter most to you.

We're excited to announce the first of these changes today.


Over the next week, we'll be rolling out an update to the Broadcast Message feature

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Over the next week, we'll be rolling out an update to the Broadcast Message feature. First, we've renamed this feature to Announcements as this better represents what most Wattpadders intend to do when they use this tool: share important updates with their followers. Second, to ensure that this tool is used for your most important posts, we're limiting the number of Announcements you can post to 3 per day. While all Announcement notifications will be sent to your followers' Notifications Feeds, regular message board posts will be sent to their News Feeds instead. Finally, we'll be grouping Announcement notifications in the Notifications Feed. This will help make your feed feel more organized and easier to review.

We hope these changes will better allow you to connect with your followers in meaningful ways while keeping them up to date.

We're looking forward to sharing more around notifications in the coming months.

- Your friends at Wattpad HQ

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