Not Asking

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Seren couldn't sleep. She felt like her sternum was ripping in half with the anxiety she felt from the first, and likely last, conversation she had had with Liam. It hadn't even been a conversation so much as it had been a few terse statements thrown back and forth. It appeared that neither of them knew what to do with the confusing emotions crashing around in their bodies.

She replayed the image of him standing on the other side of that line, so close, with nothing separating them. He seemed like a completely different wolf then, not the peaceful presence that kept her safe on her journey to and from the cabin.

It would be better for them both if he stayed away.

The rain that had rolled in, pelted the roof, drumming down above her in a muffled roar. It was at least 10 in the morning, far later than she would have liked to lie there for, but McGreggor had left and she had nothing to do. She rolled to her feet and tugged a robe on, shuffling into the kitchen and putting some water in the kettle on to boil.

She peeked out the window to look at the fence, hoping the whole ordeal had all been a dream and gasped, nearly dropping the mug she held. The fence was a mess and through the gray curtain of rain, she could see Liam's giant black wolf, pacing the dark line in the ground, marching back and forth, twenty feet in each direction. From where she was, she could see he was completely soaked, his fur flat against his body, outlining his great frame, mud caking the lower half of his body. His huge muscles caught the light of a flash of lightning, coating them in silver lines that showed the arches of their shape as they flexed and extended. 

His face was set in a determined snarl, his eyes flashing pale blue as he stalked the fence line. He had utterly lost his mind, now completely possessed by his own possessiveness. He was a demon now, as much a force of nature as the tempest raging outside.

Seren pulled her robe tight against her throat, watching him move, until he seemed to sense her gaze upon him and looked toward the window. Their eyes locked for a moment, but he did not stop in his path, the look he sent her clear as any. No more games, she was his and he wanted her.

A sensation rolled down her figure, tightening as it did and she got the distinct impression that he was not planning to leave her alone. The fact that she didn't know how that made her feel caused a blush to creep up to her cheeks and she hurriedly stepped away out of sight.

He can't get me here, he can't get me here, he can't get me here, she repeated to herself, pouring the hot water in the coco mix, but for some reason, her words did not give her much comfort. He tore a fence out of the ground! A door wouldn't stop him.

The rest of the day moved by so slowly, it was all she could do not to tear her hair out. She used a considerable amount of willpower focusing on a book for a couple hours, looking out the window around 1PM, sighing gratefully that the intimidating alpha was not at his post. Though, he had left behind a rut in the ground from his constant pacing that was already filling with water.

After cleaning the entire cabin, finishing all the laundry and dishes and even making dinner for the both of them, she finally began to relax. McGreggor arrived just on time and Seren felt such relief that she was no longer alone. 

"In light of the weather, I made tomato soup and grilled cheese!"

McGreggor peeled off his soggy jacket and put his fist to his mouth as he coughed. It was horrible and watery and shook his short frame. He looked exhausted. 

"Woah, there. How long have you been coughing like that?" she aked him.

"Oh, a few days I suppose," he replied, hobbling over to the table and taking his place. "Maybe a hot meal is just what I need."

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