114 : Long Paragraphs

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Hi, My name is Alessia. You're about to learn about my crazy and psychotic life. Firstly, my life is not very normal. My Mum is pregnant and the guy that got her pregnant had escaped from the country. She's been eating a lot of wierd and disgusting stuff. It makes me want to gag. And she's been doing very queer body movements and exercises while muttering incomprehensible words. I don't get her. I'm beginning to question if she's mental or not. And the other wierd thing : we live on top of a firehouse. It's peculiar. But my Mum got it out of desperacy and it's kinda cool. Well, not that cool since the other girls will think I'm some kind of crack case with a mad mother. I don't get along well with the other girls. They're always snarling at me. There's Darcy. She's the school's blonde bombshell. She wears super short miniskirts that I wouldn't be caught dead in, really high stilettos that I'm confused as to why they don't make her choke, and really tight crop tops. I really hate my life.

Me : *simply skips*


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