Fright (part 1)

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Happy late Halloween. I almost forgot that we had this dare. does that mean I gotta go back to inkopolis to frighten those I tolerate there too?

Bishop: Perhaps they meant just everyone in the ask or dare?

They capitalized the word 'all' so I think they mean all.... hey, the more fun, no?

Bishop: Yep

Then let's get to it!

(Ten minutes later)

Right, so how are we gonna scare Dusk?

Bishop: The fact that you would even ask that question, makes me question your memory... We use loud noises, silly!

You suddenly reminded me of Secret for a moment when you said added the word "Silly." And I know that, I just don't want to traumatize him.

Bishop: Make sure it isn't too loud but loud enough to startle him

Alright *grabs a speaker and turns it on* what music do you want me to blast?

Bishop: Duality by Set it Off

*going through their phone before pawing it over to Bishop* Do the honor, if you please.

Bishop: *sneaks up behind Dusk and presses play*

Dusk: *is startled* ARCEUS FCK, BISHOP!

Bishop: Hehe, Language.

Dusk: Screw you...*walks away*

*muffling their laughter* How'd he even know it was you?

Bishop: He has no actual sight with the blindfold and sound allows him to see all his surroundings..

The more you know. *takes out a slip of paper and marks off something* Check for Dusk... now... Loxo!

Bishop: So how do we scare the ship captain? *sarcastically* Kill a ship?

...Yes actually. But how.... *thinks*

Bishop: With a scene ! A very dramatic one with one of his ships.. where one character breaks the other's heart or something like that.

*digs in their tail and pulls out a notebook and pencil* Here *paws it over at Bishop* Be sure to make me the heart breaker. Cause that's what I am.

Bishop: Alrighty. Why don't you go scare some of the others while I write this?

I'll figure out ways to scare them, but you'll help me with it after.

Bishop: Ok then! *leaves the room to go write the script for the scene*

....I need to get me some tarantulas...

(20 minutes later)

Bishop: Finally! Done. *silently slips the notebook with the fanfic in front of Loxo.*

Now we gotta look like you murdered me. We gotta hurry though.

Bishop: *Splashes blood on Bloody then dips paws and muzzle in blood* Ok Play dead.

*drops to the ground and plays dead*

Bishop: *takes a deep breath and shifts into Glitch form*

Loxo: *breaks down the door* BISHOP WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO M- WHAT DID YOU DO TO ROSE!?!?

Bishop: Oh Loxo~

Loxo: *gulps* N-NOT AGAIN!!!!

Bishop: *standing on Bloody's "dead" body* Now your Classic ships will never come true! *smiles demonically*

*sneezes* ACHOO!!

Bishop: Oops I seemed to have not finished them off... *paws at Bloody's neck and whispers so no one else hears* Bless You.

Loxo: *nose twitches* WAIT A MINUTE!!!! *sniffs the air* THAT'S NOT ROSE'S BLOOD!!!!!

Bishop: *giggles*

*lifts their head and and chuckles a little* Welp, we got caught.


*stretches before standing back up* That was the point *points at the dare*

Loxo: *puffs his cheeks* STILL NOT NICE!!! *picks up the notebook* AND NEITHER WAS THIS!!!!

What was the story anyways?

Bishop: *returns to normal form* My attempt at murdering a ship.

Loxo: *throws the notebook at Bishop*

*catches it and opens it up* Let's see.... All time seemed to stop as Bloody looked into Alex's eyes. *looks over at Bishop* Really?

Bishop: Hey, had to start it off somehow.. and that was what first came to mind

Loxo: But did you have to make innocent Alex suffer?!?!

Bishop: Dude... Relax... It's a fanfic

*continues reading* "Alex, I need to tell you something." They told him. "What's that?" Alex asked waiting for a reply. Taking a deep breath, Bloody continued. " I'm sorry but I have to leave you. This can't go on anymore, Tally-ho." Bloody answered. *stops* I like the fact that you had me say "tally-ho" when in reality I'd say "goodbye".

Bishop: But Tally-ho sounds better.

It makes me sound cold...and heartless....which sounds like me. *looks back at the notebook* "But.. why?" Alex asked He never got a reply, for Bloody had already left him alone. Everything around him seemed to crumble as he stood alone with only Bloody's last words to him filling his head. *closes the notebook* Well sht...

Bishop: So.... was it decent?

Loxo: Worse!!!! It wasn't nice to write that!!!

Actually...pretty good, won't lie.

Bishop: Thanks! Well we should get to scaring our next victim... Shall we?

Loxo: Hmf! *puts the door back on its hinges and slams it shut*

Soon. Need to wipe all this blood off me. I knew keeping some of it would be useful.

Bishop: Bloody, wanting to clean blood off of themselves? That's a first.

Shush *playfully nudges Bishop with their paw* This isn't how I wanna frighten Lemondrop.

Bishop: *laughs* Good point

Welp, *looks at the camera* We'll make a part two of this! Got any dares or asks that you want us to do/answer after these? Don't hesitate to tell us in the comments below! Tally-ho!!!

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