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Hoseok's POV

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Hoseok's POV

My eyelids open up slowly just staring into the deep clear creamy ceiling. I was laying on a bed which I'm not sure why, beeping sounds were by my right ear as if there's a machine next to me. The door swings open to make a light squeaky sound, there's someone in this room now. I could hear the door open, heavy footsteps coming closer to me to reveal a middle aged man who looked at me with surprise.

He cried out a name, his tears running through onto his cheeks as he looks into my face. He called out the doctor and nurses then turned back to me. Lovingly hugging me while I was still confused by the situation I'm facing right now. He kept repeating how much he missed me and how happy he was. From that, I can tell he's my father who had been waiting for me to come back to this world.

What exactly happened to me anyways?

After a while, the doctors came with bright smiles and they explained. I have been trapped in a coma almost for a year due to a road accident, how horrible I thought but I was more than glad to be able to survive. I only thought these incidents will happen in novels, who knew it really got to me.

I feel asleep on that night, it was the best sleep I ever had. Maybe because I didn't feel troubled, my memories had been removed and nothing bothered me. Until the next morning, I just needed water but there was something on the nightstand.

A white rose.

I picked it up, a smile crept up on my face without having me realise it. It was beautiful, I loved it. I was admiring it until I noticed a note was there where I picked up the rose.

Hope to meet you.

V? That sounds like a funny name. I wasn't sure if I have ever heard the name before but the back of my mind kept saying I know this name. Odd but seems mysteriously romantic.

A week had passed on, I was finally able to return home. Where ever that is anyways. Father told me I could continue my studies if I would like to but that needs to start next time. Now, I just really want to know who is this V is.

I'll make sure I'll find you.

I will.

Because you must know what I don't.

And I'm sure you're the most important person to me.

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