Interrogation And Coffees

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"And that's the worst way" Izuku sighed. "Why don't we start? Besides, this cake is long since it lost its sweetness in my mouth" he mumbled.

"Fine by me"


Five o'clock in the afternoon.

Izuku is still signing in the papers for the athletic meet next week. His head is aching at the moment and he is physically exhausted because of running around the school. Being a president really has its tolls.

He sighed as he looked out the window, watching the orange sun slowly touch the horizon.

As much as he wanted to hang out with Katsuki, he can't, for obvious reasons. Sometimes, it annoys him but it was his responsibility as the voted president. Obligations is obligations.

Six o'clock that night.

Izuku stepped out of the school, the night breeze hitting his face. Cooling him off. A smile ascended on his face and his heart fluttered at the sudden calm. The night sky is clear and the surroundings is very silent.


"Where's the guard at your school? Or at least the last batch of teachers?" Nakamura asked, cutting the story.

Izuku shrugged. "I don't know. If I remembered correctly,  I'm too eager to go home so I didn't notice if there was anyone else"

"That's odd" the investigator mumbled.


After heading out the gate.

Izuku noticed a white van following behind. As innocent as he is, he didn't mind. He thought that maybe they're just having a hard time on following their GPS or something.

But the world isn't that safe.

Minutes later, just in front of a closed market-

"-I blacked out. I-I don't know what happened after that. I don't remember anything else" Izuku was blinking fast, trying to keep the tears at bay. Just trying to remember it makes his heart beat fast and his head ache.

Nakamura noticed the sudden changes.

He leaned on closer, "what's wrong kid?" He asked, worry etched on his face.

The teen doesn't know what to do. His heart is about to burst and his head is going to explode. Pain engulfed his whole being and he started to scream.

The investigator tried to calm him down but he ignored everything in his surroundings.

Izuku started to scratch on his arms, drawing blood as he did so, just to ignore the rush of pain and jumbled memories in his head. Tears welled on his eyes and the face of the one he loved blurred out in his head.

His mother and his boyfriend.

Inko and Katsuki.

He screamed again, this time grabbing on his hair. Before he could pull out everything in his hands, someone pinned him down on the cold marbles. His arms are being held on tight and he can't move an inch.

"Let me go! Let me go !" Repeating those words over and over made him feel...

Very nostalgic.


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