Interrogation And Coffees

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As an investigator, guilt is something that he didn't care about. As long as he justified the sinners action, he wouldn't care less.

Well, not until now.

This is the first time that he handled a case mixed of kidnapping and mass murder and not to mention how this sixteen years old kid is their only lead. Which only complicates everything.

And right now, at this moment. He felt as if it's his first time in the team again. The feeling of heavy guilt and anxiousness as he testified his first case is all coming back to him.

"Fine, I'll cooperate like a good kid"

Those words made Nakamura snap back on the kid in front of him. He was surprised to hear such brave words in an interrogation. Its almost refreshing.

"Oh. I thought you're going to bawl your eyes out until midnight but I guess your quite matured" the investigator stated, a smile playing on his lips.

Izuku looked back at the papers before him, avoiding the investigator's gaze. "I'm not a child, sir" he grumbled.

The investigator looked at the one way mirror, staring at his exhausted figure. With a sigh, he looked at his lead once more before standing up.

"I hate the atmosphere here" he said, grabbing his leather jacket hanging on the back of the chair. "How does grabbing a coffee on a nearby cafe sounds like?" He asked, hoping for it to work.

The green haired teen glanced at him silently.

"Okay" he answered.


The cafe is very cozy. The interior design is pleasant and comforting. Even the smell of coffee and pastry is welcoming.

There are a few people at the moment, just as the investigator hoped for.

They chose the table nearest the wall where no one could overhear them unless they are visible. Nakamura placed a camera by the side of the table, in front of the two of them.

"Why do you need to record this?" Izuku asked as he pulled the wooden chair out of the round table clothed in royal red. "For evidence?" He added.

"Exactly" the investigator sat on the opposite side, sliding the menu towards the teen. "I don't need to leave something out. It would be a waste"

After ordering, they waited patiently for their food. Nakamura knew that they should fill up first before talking. Since it would spoil the good food.

The orders finally came.

Izuku's face lightened up a bit after tasting the special chocolate heaven cake drizzled with blue berry and decorated in white chocolate. It is indeed, heaven.

The investigator watched him silently as he sipped on his coffee.

"Do you always treat your lead like this?" The teen asked before taking a gulp on his chocolate milk grande, leaving a silly mustache on his face.

The older man rolled his eyes before handing him a napkin. "Obviously, no. Most of my leads are hand cuffed and ready to go to jail. You are a special case" he answered.

They ate and drank silently. But when Izuku is halfway to the cake, he stopped.

"I think I'll tell you everything" he dropped his hands on the side and looked down on his half eaten cake. "I'm just scared that you'll take me away from my loved ones. But now that I've calmed down and thought about it."

He glanced at the investigator, "I don't have a choice in the first place. Right?"

Nakamura nodded. "Actually, yes. If you didn't cooperate with the police. You will be taken away...into custody." He answered.

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