Chapter 12 : BackFired

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Irene POV
I looked at Taehyung who was shocked by my actions. His expression was priceless with his jaw dropped looking at me being like a boss. "Irene?" Jimin said. I turned back at Jimin again as I raised my both eyebrows. "Why are you supporting him? He isn't suitable to be a chairman. You're his secretary so you should know his real attitude." He said.

"Well yeah I know his real attitude. He is a kind, sweet and considerate guy. He understands people and will do whatever to reach their expectations." I told him. Jimin's eyes suddenly turned dark. "Guess you're one of his victims..." Jimin said.

Victims? What does he mean by that?

"You don't know his true attitude. He acts like he is the boss of everything. He is selfish and wants the company just for himself!" Jimin said as he took a step closer towards me. "He is trying to help the company. Are you even close to him? How do you know his true attitude then? How about you think about your own attitude before judging others?" I backfired him with my sharp words.

Everyone gasped. Jimin raised his hand, ready to slap me hardly. The next thing I know is my on the floor touching my cheek which got slapped. It hurts a lot... I felt my tears forming but I tried to hold it back.

"How dare you touch her?!" I heard Taehyung shouted. He was furious. He punched Jimin at the face and pushed him on the floor causing a commotion. Everyone was gathered around looking at us.

"What is going on here?" A deep man's voice echoed. I turned to the door and saw a big scary man. His face were wrinkled and he was wearing a black suit and a red tie. He was clenching his fists which obviously shows how angered he was.

"Kim Taehyung!" He shouted and stomped inside. "What's going on here?" I turned to Taehyung who had his head down feeling guilty. "Why is everyone gathered here? Go back to work!" The man demanded. Everyone went back to work while I tried to stand up. Taehyung rushed towards me and helped me up.

The man was looking with us unbelievably. He was shocked and it seemed like he never seen Taehyung like this. "Jimin stand up." The man ordered. Jimin tried to stand up and he immediately has his head down. "Who started this?" The man asked Jimin. "It was Kim Taehyung, Sir..." Jimin lied. "No it wasn't." I interrupted them without realising my mistake for not respecting them.

They all turned to me. "Mr Park was insulting him and slapped me. Taehyung was mad and tried to help me by hitting him without thinking twice but he did it to help me not like Jimin who slapped a girl." "Irene..." Taehyung whispered. I turned to him. "What...?" I whispered back. "Oh God I'm gonna be dead..." I heard Taehyung mumbled.

I saw the man boiling up getting ready to get mad and that's when I realised my mistake. I immediately bowed as an apology. "Hahahahhahahahaha...." The man suddenly laughed making everyone confused. "Damn this secretary is the best secretary I've met. Keep her and don't kick her out. Hahaha her attitude..." He said. We all were shocked by the unexpected words he spoken. "She reminds me of your mother..." He said and looked at Taehyung with warm eyes.

"Dad..." Taehyung said and hugged him tightly. So that man is Taehyung's dad...? I bowed at him. "Nice to meet you, sir. I'm Bae Irene." I introduced myself. We all turned back and Jimin was gone. Did he ran away? "Let Jimin be..." Taehyung said to me. I nodded before turning back to Taehyung. He smiled at me. "I'm proud of you." He said as he pat my head and messed my hair up. "Yahhh!" I said and smacked his arm.

Taehyung's dad suddenly laughed. We both turned to him in confusion. "You both... Are just like me and my wife..." He mumbled. "She must be special..." I said to him. He nodded as he turned to me. "Arraseo arraseo. You both go back to work... I have to go back to my office." He told us. We both bowed at him before he left.

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