Chapter 35

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Argent POV

We come across the boarder for Strand as we run together. It's an eery feeling. How can I feel so happy heading towards something so worrying. I need to keep a clear head but all I can think about is last night.....

We come to the final leg of our journey and I can now see Strand buildings coming into view. These are the houses on the outskirts of the pack house.

It's almost sunrise now and people are slowly filing out of their homes and heading for one destination.

The challenge.

We stick to the woods but a few of the people walking turn in our direction, obviously catching our scent as we run close to them but remain out of view for now.

Aida runs to the right and slightly behind me but she is keeping up well considering this is only the second time she has shifted. Only the second. She is a natural. Her father really let her down by holding this back from her.

Her father. Jasper. We still have so much to do aside of this detour.

We need to find him. We need to seek out help from
other packs for Amalie and we need to do all of this while steering clear of the council.

Sounds simple right!

Actually, sounds like fun. I love a challenge, as much as James. And that is why I'm not giving much thought to the plan B scenario we came up with should things turn bad.

Plan B is that i take the girls and Kane and run. Should Elroy try to insist on ancient rules, which we assume he will, this could end up being a fight to the death.

That's James' plan B. And even though he made me promise, I will never let that happen. I have my own plan B in mind and it pretty much contains me kicking Elroy's pompous ass as far and as hard as I can kick it.

And keeping James alive.

This all flows on repeat in my mind as we pad across the final few yards standing between us and the ever growing crowd gathering.

As we reach the end of the wood we pause.

Ok. This is it. We stay in wolf form, father will be in human form.

James I....

Aida, I'm going to be ok. It's going to be ok. But I need you all to swear right now, if anything happens to me, you will all leave. Fast. I can not go into this with a clear mind if you don't swear this to me.

I swear babe

I swear James

I.... I can't.

Arge! I need you to do this. I'm counting on you. I need you to take care of these two.

Ahhh! Don't make me swear James. Please.

Arge. It's not going to come to that ok?


Ok what?

Ok. I swear.

Thanks mate.

We step out of the thinning cover and head towards the crowd. The pack members of Strand have communed around Elroy in the centre of the circle. Standing with him are Kane and George.

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