The Kessel Run: A Star Wars SmackDown - Round 2 [CLOSED]

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Because we don't want to keep anyone waiting longer than absolutely necessary, we've decided to go ahead and post this round whilst the judging is taking place for Round 1.3. Scores for that round will be announced as soon as they're available, at which point the five highest scoring entries will be added to the Bounty Hunters & Other Bits reading list, as promised.

Now, we were obviously hoping that all 15 of you would've participated fully thus far, which would've meant 12 contestants progressing to Round 2. Things get in the way though, such as the mythical 'real life' and we fully understand that. So what we've decided, is that if you submitted at least two stories for Round 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3, then you're eligible to progress, which is why there are 11 of you here.

The 9 of you who submitted an entry for all three prompts of Round 1, your entry for Round 2 will have two points added to the judging total, meaning that even if you score the maximum of 16 points, you could potentially walk away with 18 points. We think this is the fairest way to acknowledge that you were able to write for all three prompts, and it also permits those two of you who only write for two prompts every chance of progressing.

And now...

Order 66

As we all know, the Clone Protocol 66 was a top secret order that identified all Jedi as enemies, thanks to a chip implanted into the brains' of all Clone Troopers. We also know that some Jedi managed to escape.

Tell the as-yet untold story of such a Jedi, though not one of whom we're aware, their escape and ultimately, their capture and/or death and/or survival.

The Fine Print

Recommended Word Count: 3,000

Deadline: Sunday, November 25th at Midnight, Galactic Standard Time (UST, for our purposes)!

Submissions: Via this form only

Things To Consider

The recommended word count is exactly what it says; recommended. You won't be penalised for writing a story above or below that number of words, however do remember it must be a finished story.

The deadline is final, and any stories submitted beyond that will not be considered eligible for judging.

Whilst your entries must be submitted via the above form to be considered eligible for judging, do feel free to post the direct link to your story in the comments' section so your fellow Star Wars Fans might easily locate your efforts.

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