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I got out of bed and everyone was in the kitchen.

Soph-"Why are you guys up?"

Ella-"Well Ava got up and made a cup of tea- She started but was cut off by Isla.

Isla-"She tried to make a tea." She said emphasising 'tried'.

Ella-"Yes tried. She made lots of noise and it woke me up and Isla just woke up by herself." She finished.

I looked over at the counter and there was tea, cups, sugar, spoons everywhere. I didn't know it was so hard to make tea! I gave Ava a confused look and sat on the couch. Not for long though. I was pulled up by Isla.

Isla-"Nope! You're not sitting down. We have to get ready."

Soph-"The concert isn't till 7:00!"

Isla-"It's 1:00 now, it's going to take a couple of hours for us all to get ready, we have to get food and it takes at least an hour to get there."

Soph-"Ughhh!" I groaned and walked to the bathroom to get in the shower. As I was in the shower I wondered why they didn't clean Ava's mess when it happened.

When I got out the shower I got dressed into some jeans and a hoodie. I walked into the living room and the girls were in pretty much the same thing as me but different colours and stuff. This time Isla was driving because she actually knows the way in Birmingham. She had to tell Ella where to go when she drove up here. I looked at the time on my phone and it was time to go. RoadTrip, here we come!

Btw if you want more RT stories I will upload some on my other account RoadTripTVxFowler. More stories coming soon on that account, it also has this one on it. It is also a joint account with Butter_fingersWDWxRT

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