:Chapter 5:

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Lore seemed happy. She had a smile on her face as we walked into Wide Awake Café as my mother drove off. Running into her at the pack's infirmary was not what I was expecting, not the least bit.

'But the pack infirmary is taking on a few human patients, I'm sure whoever she needed for a doctor wasn't available, while we are always available in the infirmary.' I nodded at that. There was one thing Lore didn't exactly know about the infirmary well a few things. It was for werewolves.

But the only reason she was signed up there was because she was my mate or they probably would of denied her. It was very complicated at the infirmary with humans. They typically only took in humans who knew of the supernatural world or were exposed to it and in need of medical assistance.

'And then the cases of them having a werewolf for a mate so they can get even better treatment.' Werewolves were much more advanced than humans with their medicine. But werewolves had so much more knowledge than humans with all of the access to things that they had. Way beyond humans.

Whether it be potions, spells, and creams from witches to vampire blood that heals. It was a reason werewolves survive so long and why a human mated to a werewolf was always brought to the pack infirmary before a hospital. And now Lore was now in the pack infirmary.

'She must have something wrong with her to go that fast to find a doctor, it makes me a bit nervous.' That it did, but I wanted to savor the time I was going to spend with her so I pushed out all those thoughts that were in my head.

"I'll have a frozen mocha with extra whip cream and a blonde brownie along with a barbeque chicken wrap." I said with a smile. The barista wrote the order down before putting the order out as she turned her attention to Lore who stood next to me her eyes scanning the menu.

"I'll have a frozen green tea along with a egg, bacon, and cheese bagel sandwich." Lore said. And then that order was up. We went and took a seat. 'Smells very good in here like it always does, sweets, meats, and coffee all in a heavenly scent blended together.'

Coffee shops were one of the best places to be. With all of the scents that teased a werewolf's nose. Restaurants in general were good places for werewolves. Anything with food that was baked deliciously, grilled to perfection or anything else to that degree. Which is why I did enjoy going out places.

So going out with Lore was the cherry on top. "Thanks for taking me out." Lore said. 'She's very pretty as well as kind, seems we got lucky with our mate.' "Yeah no problem, you look like you needed to go out somewhere." I said with a bit of a smile on my face.

Not long after the barista called up our order and I got it before coming back over and setting our things down. Lore smiled as she took a sip of her frozen green tea as I took out my wrap and began eating the good food that I had ordered.

"So Lore, if you ever want a tour around town, I'd be happy to offer it." I said with a smile on my face. Lore looked back up and smiled just a bit. "Sounds nice." Lore said. 'I think that's code for yes, you can give me a tour around town.'

Lore had a bit of a blush on her face as she went to eating her bagel sandwich. "So when could you give that tour around town?" Lore asked her soft eyes looking back up at me.

I smiled at her. "Whenever you want, I'm practically always free." I said. 'Because we don't do much except hang out with Isadora and the training session with psychotic Della.' I nodded at that. "Um. . . will you be busy this Friday?" Lore said watching me waiting for an answer.

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