I nodded and agreed. I was a little distracted by the way his black tuxedo hugged his lean figure and the way his bright smile was directed only to me. He pulled my silver shawl higher around my shoulders and trailed his fingers down my bare back.

“You look absolutely stunning Sasha, you always do... but this dress...” he trailed off huskily. I was wearing a silver dress that hugged every one of my curves and dipped so low at the back I couldn’t wear a bra.  After four children my figure more voluptuous than even before and my breasts and hips were more rounded, much to Jake’s liking.

“Keep looking at me like that Jake and our driver’s going to wonder where we went” I winked at him before hooking my arm through his extended one. He sighed and agreed and I giggled when he lightly squeezed my ass through the silky material.

“Good evening Mr and Mrs Stone, happy anniversary” Tom, our driver, greeted us.

“Thank you Tom” we thanked together and he held the door open while we slipped into the back of the car.

He shut the door with a muffled thud and the car dipped as he sat in the front. I breathed in Jake’s scent and leaned against his comfortably. His hand curved around my jaw and tilted my face to his. His lips came crashing down to mine and I moaned as his tongue slipped passed my lips and massaged my tongue.

Even up to now Jake’s kisses managed to set my whole body on fire and cause a deep throbbing below my stomach. I turned my body to face his and his free hand pulled at my hips to help me. I pulled back and gasped in a deep breath, “God, I missed your kisses this morning” I moaned.

Is hands trailed up my knee and circled around my exposed thigh, “I missed your everything this morning” he replied before kissing my jaw and down my neck.

“We’re here” Tom called out from behind the blackened divider. I pulled back and looked outside to see that we were, in fact, outside the restaurant. Huh... how long were we making out for?

“Thank Tom” Jake called out, “I’ll give you a call when we’ve finished”

Tom nodded and Jake opened the door offering me his hand to help me out. I quickly glanced at my reflection in the tinted windows and noticed I was a little flushed. Darn that incredibly sexy husband of mine.

“Ah! Mr and Mrs Stone, welcome back. You are both looking exceptionally splendid if I may say so” the owner of our favourite restaurant complimented.

He showed us to our table and took our order before scuttling away.


“Oh my God! I think I ate way too much!” I groaned stretching up as we walked up the pathway to our home.

“Well, you did have three servings of that chocolate cheesecake” Jake laughed.

“Hey! No laughing at me Jake! You ate just as much as me!” I pointed out poking him in his still flat stomach.

“Well I couldn’t let you outdo me now could I?”

I rolled my eyes and he pushed the door open. Jenna was laying back in the sofa  flipping through a magazine and at the sound of our arrival she peeked over the top of her magazine. She stretched out like a cat and threw the magazine aside as she stood up.

“Oh hey guys, how was dinner?” she yawned.

“Jake ate like a pig” I quickly stated grinning like a naughty child.

“Sure, sure I ate like a pig” Jake replied sarcastically and emphasising the ‘I’. Jenna smiled at our antics and announced that she was taking her leave.

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