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[Six years later]

“Daddy’s home!!!” Annalise screamed as she poked her little head from behind the curtained window.

Her black hair she inherited from her daddy bounced as she jumped up and down and her jade green eyes shone brightly with excitement. I chuckled at her reaction. It was the same every afternoon when he came home and it never failed to melt my heart.

“Well go on Sweety, go hide from daddy!” I whisper cheekily. She covered her little pink lips with her hand and giggled before running off and hiding behind the front door.

The sound of the door unlocking caught my ears and I bent down to scoop up Lilly and Liam from the blanket they were playing on. I slowly walked over to the hallway and peeked around the corner to see my husband of the last six years walk through the door.

As always my breath caught in my throat and it was still like the first time I saw him. The last six years hadn’t changed him, if anything he still looked exactly the same. His wide shoulders were hidden his suit jacket but I could still see his broad chest tapering down to his lean hips.

I could feel myself drooling as I checked out my husband and when my eyes dragged themselves back up to his eyes I blushed at his knowing smirk. “Hey gorgeous” his deep voice greeted me before walking up to me and planting a teasing kiss to my lips. “Happy anniversary Sash, sorry I couldn’t tell you this morning. I know you had a rough night and I wanted you to get more sleep”

His rough finger stroked my cheek and he kissed me again. He stepped back and smiled brightly at our twins before taking them from me. Lilly and Liam gurgled in happiness at seeing their daddy and began squealing.

His laughter mixed with theirs and the next thing I heard was an ‘oomph!’ as Annalise jumped out from behind the door and wrapped herself around his leg. “Daddy’s home!” she screamed again. “Daddy I missed you!”

Jake’s laughter erupted from his throat again and he bent down allowing Annalise to crawl up on his back. I laughed heartily at the sight of Jake smothered with children and I couldn’t help feel my heart skip a beat.

“How’s James?” Jake asked as he began to gently bounce up and down, making all three child laugh and giggle.

“He’s been good, he’s asleep at the moment-” a cry sounded from the baby monitor and I shook my head smiling at the same time. “Never mind, I think he knows daddy’s back” I chuckled.

Jake followed me as we walked through our house and I pushed the door open to see our youngest child swiping at the baby mobile. “Good afternoon sleepy head” I called out gently as I scooped him up. He babbled baby words that pulled at my heart strings and I was quick to grab a face wash to swipe at the drool that was threatening to rip from his chin.

“Still teething?” Jake asked before blowing raspberries on James’ neck.

“Yep, but I think the tooth is about to cut through soon”


“So, Annalise goes to bed in one hour and Lilly, Liam and James are all tucked away for the night. You’ve got both our numbers plus the restaurant in case you can’t reach us-“

“Sasha! Calm down! I’ve done this for you before remember? I’ll be fine and the children will be fine too! Now get going before you miss your reservation” Jenna interrupted me as she shooed me and Jake out the door.

Jake chuckled deeply beside me and I sighed deeply, “Don’t worry beautiful, Jenna’s great with the kids and you need this break. Even if it’s for a few hours” he said wrapping his arm around my shoulders.

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