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The cloudy sky comes along with a light breeze through the city, it was obvious it might rain in a while. People roaming around the streets looking not so busy since it was just a casual Sunday to kick off and relax.

I admired the view with a camera in my hand, it became my hobby to take pictures. That's what my father said. Plus I had been taking photography classes in university as well, it grew a lot of interest in me.

How every inch of the world should be remembered in one tiny picture, it makes me melts away with full of passion. I raised my camera up to the sky where the small glimpse of sunlight was still there before drowning into the sea. My right hand reached to the sun as if I could touch it for real, another hand holding the camera scanning into focus.

I smiled. The picture was perfectly as I imagined, I loved taking picture but I sometimes usually hide them from others. Some praise for having good eyes in photography while others get jealous of my talent. Everything was fine ever since I woke up for the past two years, I've tried remaking my past relationships with my friends. They understood my bad condition, more over quite worried about me.

I quickly walk to my destination as the easy breeze was getting a bit rougher. I holded my camera close to myself making sure it wouldn't be dropped once I was running. The classic cafe could easily bee seen from off the distance, I smiled to myself and hurriedly enter right away.


A nice greeting made me smile more, of course who else would own that heaven like voice unless it was Seokjin. There age gap might be two years but that didn't stop us to treat each other like real friends. I gently places down the camera as I found a comfy spot by the window. Seokjin was over to the male with a warm green tea drink with caramel whipped cream on top.

"Thanks." Seokjin always knew what the I liked, as if he was an older brother to me. I take a sip as I watch the distance from inside the cafe. Hope's Cafe, it was built by my own father ever since my parents had me. It was a very special cafe indeed, even before I came around the two couple decided to put Hope as a name truly dedicated for their son.

"Still haven't gave up photography, haven't you?" Seokjin comments as he examines the picture I took before coming here. "You know it means a lot to me." The older nods, he couldn't deny that I had an amazing talent in things like these. Every picture taken has its own story, sometimes they look simple but it could take you back in time. Making you remember the past that you have forgotten, it was what I wanted others to feel.

"Oh my God! Look at this." A girl called her friend. "This guy is handsome too!" I chuckled as I watched the two younger girls giggling as they look at their phones. "What exactly are you two doing?" I questioned them as I walk over to their table near the counter. Both Yeri and Tyuzu look up to meet gaze with me as I had my arms crossed as i sat down in front of them.

"Ouh nothing we we're just looking up on young entrepreneurs. They all looked really hot!" Tyuzu said with thrilled. "Is that really all you see?" "Well some of them are half Korean and I don't think it's really wrong to 'stalk' someone on social media." Yeri smiled at me. I nod, it was normal to look at other's post anyways.

"Here take a look at this. This guy is Vernon. He's really young but he already holds six branches across the world!" Yeri shoved me her phone, well he definitely doesn't look like the Korean stereotype but he does have pictures of him in Seoul. "I like him but this guy is way more interesting. Here." Tyuzu pulled up onto a personal account but it only had one picture. A guy wearing a grey suit proudly standing beside his BMW sports car.

"His name it Kim Taehyung. He's the well known young CEO in Korea. He's half Italian and Korean. I looked at the picture again, I never knew a man like this would exist but it was odd there were no more pictures of him. "This is the web page about his business but this one is a picture of him with his friend, Lucas." I tried to accept the informations given. "Yeah, if it weren't for Lucas. Kim Taehyung's face might not even be shown!"

I looked again into the picture, the male looks very handsome but for some odd reason he just looks like someone I used to know. But nothing could be done since I couldn't barely remember a thing from my past. The two girls continued on with their fangirling with their phones, I relaxed for a while so that I'll leave once the rain stops.

Everything was so calm, I couldn't explain how grateful i was to live another day. Tomorrow's another day to continue my studies, I was already done with my school days but this one was just for me to learn back the things I forgot due to the amnesia. But thanks to that, I was able to gain more friends. Just one thing keeps bothering me..

"V, who are you?"

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