Meeting A God

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I made some sweets that my Grandmother used to make before I left with Vegeta. He said that the god likes good food so I brought a large bag, filled with goodies.. Once we arrived Goku was already training with a tall light blue male. Suddenly the large, purple cat stood infront of me.

"Who is this Vegeta, I told you no visitors. I have to destroy- *Sniff Sniff* what is that smell?"

He looked and pointed to my bag,

"Human woman, what have you brought, is it by any chance a gift?"

I nod, "I-I am sorry to intrude on your training. Vegeta is my husband and you have taken a big chunk of tiime away from me, so I wish to watch him train. I have brought many sweets that have been passed down from my grandmother to me."

Suddenly the tall male that was sparring with Goku was in front of me, looking over the bag.

"It smells devine, Lord Beerus accepts your kind offer."

He takes the bag and they both dig in. Vegeta spars with Goku as I watch and my eyes then go to Lord Beerus, He is so adorable. He looks to me.

"What is it human?"

"D-Do you have the same reactions as a cat?"

"WHAAATT?! I am not a cat, I am the god of destruction!"

"I know...but if someone were to pet you...would you enjoy it like a cat would?"

"Hmmm...I've never been asked such a strange question... to be honest I don't think anyone has been brave enough to ask such a ridiculous for you answer I am not sure."

"I am sorry...I just love cats and I think that you are an adorable cat like god."

Beerus suddenly flushed as the other male chuckled,

"Well my lord, are you going to let this human pet you?"


I sadden a bit, but I understood,

"R-Right, I am sorry Lord Beerus."

I go to walk away, "What is your name human?"


His eyes were shut as his eyebrows were twitching,

"You made an effort to please me by bringing good food when you didn't know what to expect...I guess you may...I give you pet me."

My eyes lit up as the other male smiles,

"You have gone soft my lord."

"Zip it Whis, you want her to bring more good food as well...small price to pay if it's not a habit."

I walk to get close to then touch his ears, he seemed irked but tolerated me.


As I fought Kakarot I looked to see if [F/N] was watching when I saw her...PETTING LORD BEERUS!! My eyes widen and Kakarok was able to land a right hook since I was distracted. I flew back and fell to the ground.


Vegeta got hit so I ran to him,

"Vegeta are you okay, what happened?"

I reach my hand out and he huffs, getting up without taking my hand.

"What happened? What were you doing with Lord Beerus?"

I tilt my head, "He said that it was okay."

Lord Beerus interupts, "It's true, I gave her permission, she's good with her hands but I'm sure you already knew that Saiyan Prince?"

I flush and look to Vegeta, who looked even more mad so I but in.

"Actually, it's getting a bit late and we had made plans. It was nice to meet you and I hope for Vegeta to spar with Goku again in the near future."

I took Vegeta's hand, lenaing in to whiisper,

"Lets go home."

He grips my hand slightly to then let go with a nod before we left.

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