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*^*I'm alive!!!!*^*

Vrgil was pulled out of his dream by someone shaking him awake.
He opened his eyes and looked around but nobody was there.
Well there was roman in the corner of the room looking out the window. but there is no one close enough to him to shake him awake.

He sad up and held his head

Roman turned around hearing the sheets shuffling.

" hey you awake sleepy head"
Roman said in a soft voice

"I..I need to go"
Virgil said swinging his legs over the side of the bed trying to get up.

" no way!"
Roman said in a  Stern voice picking up Virgil and putting him back in the bed.


"No but's. Youre not going back thare"

Virgil started at Roman with a sad and slightly fearful look.

" Virg"
Roman eyes softened as he sat down on the bed next to Virgil.

And stared into his loves eyes.

" I don't want you to get hurt none of us do"
Romen stay in almost honeyed voice

"It's either I get hurt or you will you die. You all will die"
Virgil said looking down. his eyes looked broken. and it made Romans hard drop.

" none of us are going die Virgil"

" you don't know me like I do"
Virgil's voice quivered at 'don't'

And Romans heart dropped once again
Romen felt just sick thinking about all the awful things deceit did to Virgil

*^* but he still doesn't know about the rape muhhahaha*^*

" he's evil and malicious. And will stop at nothing to get what he wants................... absolutely. nothing"

Virgil could still remember the feelings of deceit laying his hands on him. the cold feeling, and deceits piercing eyes, and the pain,...... oh God the pain.

Virgil's face when White and his eyes went  wide.

" Virgil?"
Roman laid a gentle hand on Virgil's shoulder snap him out of it.

"Are you ok?"

" oh I'm fine"
Virgil held  a  week smile. His voice trembled as he talked.

Romans voice was soft and sweet.
A gentle whisper.
He starts at Virgil

Virtual looked absolutely exhausted. Scared and frightened and in desperate need of sleep.

Roman gently lead him down and cuddled up next to him. Virgil was too tired to protest and quickly fell asleep.

"Good night my love"
Roman said falling asleep next to him.

[ did you miss me!!]

*^* I don't think any of them even noticed you were gone*^*

[Fuck off!]

*^* hey I'm the one
writing the book!*^*

[ still. fuck.off]



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