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°Ella Mae°

"Ella mae if I get upstairs myself,  I'm gonna pour you hot water, and trust me I mean every word" I angrily kick the blanket out of the bed at the sound of my dad's voice. This is like the twentieth time he's shouting.

Can't I for fuck sake have a good sleep.

"It's Monday for crying out loud" he yelled again. I bit my lips and groaned. Fuck Monday, I'm really tired of school.

"Ella mae, get your lazy ass up" someone was hitting me a pillow. WTF. i angrily glared at my best friends who are sisters  who appeared from certainly nowhere.

"Where did you guys even come from?" I growled at them.

"Young lady we live next door, and your window is open. Now get up before I fart in your mouth" Karen said.

So bad of having your crazy best friends live next door. No absolute moment of peace in the neighborhood. I grudgingly get off my comfort zone and enter the bathroom.

"As a wonderful bestie that I am, I'm gonna choose a cloth for you. You're welcome" Amara gushed.

"Ella mae, get down here, now!" I rolled my eyes at my dad's annoying loud voice.

"It's been taking care of, Mr. Mc" Karen yelled back.

I quickly put on the tight white top and blue tight short jeans skirt that Karen chose for me. I look at myself in the mirror, I have fair skin, black long waist length hair, a mole at the corner of my nose. I clean my medicated glasses and adjust them on my eyes. I didn't have time for my black long tangled hair so I just throw it into a messy bun and pick up my bag heading downstairs with Karen and Amara.

Dad sights us and smiles. "Oh girls, I knew I could always count on you to wake this sleepy head of a girl"

"Good morning to you too, dad" I roll my eyes at him.

"Come have breakfast you girls" I and the girls groaned at the same time.

"Dad how many times have I told you to stop cooking. You are horrible at it".

"Then what am I supposed to do when you can't even wake up like every normal human being and cook huh?" I slump on the chair beside Karen while Amara sits opposite us.

Dad has always been there for me. My only guardian. Mom died four years ago of cancer of the breast, so it's always been dad and I. Karen and her sister, Amara, who is one year younger than Karen has also been a part of the family since they packed in next door,  they were even there before mom died. Their family is broken so they just lives with their mom.

Karen has short blonde hair which is a bob and Amara has long brown hair. They are like twins anyway but Karen is a year older. They are my best friends, the closest people to me.

"Oh yuck" I dropped the fork and gagged.

"Simple pancakes dad, simple pancakes" I said getting up and carrying my bag.

"It tastes good to me" dad grinned at me.  Karen and Amara were silently gagging.

"See you later dad" I gave him a peck on the cheeks as Amara and I slip into Karen's car. Yeah her mom's rich and Karen's my personal driver.

She's gonna spank me if I said that to her hearing.

We drive into the school's parking lot and I spot Seth Donovan laying on his black BMW, his gaze on his phone. I just stopped for a moment looking at his features. He had sandy blonde short hair which was messy but sideways. He was the school's best football player. He is wearing a white v neck top which flexed his muscles which is  absolutely worth drooling for.

"Lady stop staring" Karen dragged me along with her into the school hallways while I adjust my glasses with my other hand.

"Can you at least take it easy" I winced at the pain in my wrist.

"Well Ella mae, every single person knows you have a crush on Seth Donovan so at least have a little self respect by not staring everytime you set eyes on him" Amara stated all in one breath.

Seth Donovan was not really the hottest boy in school or the baddest boy in school. Yes he is handsome and girls drool over him but he's just a quiet type, who stays only in the company of his only friend, Finn.

And yeah, I have a crush on him for like forever. And I know he knows, like I think everyone knows.

"Okay okay let go" I drew my hand away from her grip. " Why is your grip so painful?" I ask shaking my hand. She just rolled her eyes at me. 

I went to my locker and brought out my English notebook and closed it to come  face to face with Seth.

"Hi Mae" he sent me his sweet smile.

I froze at the spot, he talked to me always at least coz I know he knows I have a crush on him. But everytime he talked to me I always froze no matter the number of times.

Stupid Ella mae.

"Hey Mae, you okay?" He waved his hand across my face making me regain my stupid composure. And he is  the only one that calls me Mae.  Every other person called me by my full name, Ella mae or Ella.

I looked up at him and saw his handsome smiling face.

"Uhmm hey Seth" I managed to not sound like a bitch that I am.

"Friday's the big game, I know you hate footballs, but I want you to be there, for me please"

"Yes yes of course I will be there" Ella mae you are sounding so desperate.

"Uhmm I mean, I'm not doing anything else then so of course I will be there" I try to sound more composed. I felt ashamed of myself for sounding more like a desperate chicken.

Good job there, Ella mae.

He chuckled. He clearly chuckled. And now my shame continues.

"Of course Mae, thanks." And like that he disappeared down the hallway.


"Are you fucking serious?" Karen screamed and hopped happily on my bed.

"Language Karen, language" I heard dad yell from downstairs. I roll my eyes

"We are so going, we should be at the front. Oh oh oh you should wear mini, a hot mini.."

"Uhmmm Amara wait"

"Oh no wait, i will do your makeup. We should be there twenty minutes before the game starts, or you should totally meet him in the locker room and wish..."

"Amara!" I yelled to make her shut up and fortunately it worked.

"What?" She spread her hands, confused.

"It just a game Amara, just a game" she rolled her eyes.

" You are no fun" Karen said bringing out her phone to call obviously her boyfriend.

I lay down on my bed sheepishly smiling to myself, a whole Seth Donovan asked me personally to come to the football match.

And a very big part of me couldn't wait for Friday.

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