Chapter 1

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The entire school was buzzing about the new student that was suppose to arrive today. Everyone hoped this one would be a lot more friendly than the Cullens were when they first came. No one knew who the student was or what they looked like. They didn't even know if they are a boy or a girl. Ten minutes before the bell rang a figure clad in black rides in the school parking lot on a black motorcycle. Everyone in the parking lot watched the motorcycle stop in the back of the parking lot in a corner. A small figure hopped off the bike and was instantly categorized as a girl, no man had a body like that.

The Cullens watched from their cars curiously as the girl pulled off the black motorcycle helmet. Tumbles of black hair fell around her shoulders stopping a few inches below her collar bones. Waking through the now almost silent parking lot the girl kept her head held high like none of this bothered her. A few of the guys standing near the motorcycle looked at it in wonder. Sleek black metal the bike was obviously built for speed.

Bells chimed as the dark haired opened the door to the front office. The secretary looked up not recognizing the face that barely peered over the counter top.

"You must be our new student. Charlotte is it? Welcome to Forks." The secretary greeted warmly. Charlotte smiled thanking the woman then setting off to find her first class. Then the whispered came. The whispers of the students who were in the parking lot.

"That's the new student!"

"Did you get a good look at her face?"

"Did you see that bike!"

"All black, not very fashion forward." A voice that sounded like wind chimes grumbled.

Charlotte walked into the building glancing over her schedule, then her map. She looked around to make sure no one was paying attention to her but of course they all were. All the students gave her curious looks but no one came up offering help. With a huff she pushed her way down the hall to her first class, English.

The English class was nearly full by the time Charlotte found it, already slightly annoyed about not being able to get through the crowds. Charlotte walked up to the teacher without a word handing him the paper every teacher had to sign.

"Ah. Class this is Charlotte. Charlotte please take a seat next to.... AH! Jasper!" The middle aged teacher exclaimed over enthusiastically.

Jasper raised is hand briefly letting it fall when Charlotte's storm blue eyes locked with his. She walked down the isle to the back slipping into the seat next to Jasper. He looked at her confused but she refused to look at him. Charlotte knew exactly what Jasper was but Jasper was sure she wasn't a vampire. Her eyes suggested human but there was no blood in her, no heart beat.

The entire class Jasper tried to get a feel of her emotions but there was none. Completely blank and void of anything. Edward. The new girl- she's not human. But... She doesn't smell like a vampire. She smells like she rolled around in a field of flowers. I'm really confused. Jasper thought knowing his brother would hear him.

"Miss Waters we are currently reading Wuthering Heights. Here is your book. We are on chapter six so if you could catch up tonight that would be wonderful." The teacher placed a battered book in front of Charlotte.

"Hmm... Such a boring book." She murmured quietly. She smirked seeing Jasper's jaw clench. She didn't know why she got a secret pleasure from making him squirm but she did. "I know you can hear me." She whispered under her breath as the bell wrung downing out the teacher shouting their homework. With out another word she picked up her bag and glided out of the room. Jasper sat their stunned for a moment before leaping up trying to stuff everything in his bag. When he got into the hall Charlotte was gone, lost in the crowd and unreachable.

"Hi, I'm Mike. I was wondering if you needed help finding your next class!" A blond haired boy tapped Charlotte on her shoulder. She turned seeing a very badly gelled hair on a geeky looking boy.

She smiled and nodded. "Harries's class. Bio?" Mike chatted about Forks the entire way to the class not realizing Charlotte wasn't paying attention.

Mr Harries was another skinny middle aged man but he lacked enthusiasm and well... joy. He didn't greet Charlotte when she gave him her slip.

"You'll be next to... Mr. Cullen raise your hand." He said monotonous. Charlotte walked toward the boy who still had him muscular hand raised.

"Hello Charlotte. My name's Emmett." And you're a vampire. Charlotte added in her head.

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