(almost) Naked!

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Okay, quick explanation for all the phantom troupe guys (except shalnark)! They recently moved into an abandoned mansion, and got it all together! Lights, chosen bedrooms, water! So yeah! It's still "base" it's just a good living space for less awkwardness and better scenarios.

Also, mid writing, i realized this is basically when he sees you shirtless. Eh. Oh well.


Everyone Gon is a ball of innocence, purity, and joy. Of course you guys haven't seen each other naked, which is a new stage in a relationship. One you were ready to take.. Was he? You had to take matters into your own hands.

You were going to take a shower. You stripped down so you were just in your panties and called for Gon to get your special soap that you left in your side table drawer. You heard the bathroom door open, and turned to accept the soap, which he immediately dropped as a soft "woah," come from Gon.

You chuckled, bending down to pick it up and smiled, pecking his lips. "Thanks Gon!" You said and proceeded with your shower. You caught a glimpse of his entirely red face before disappearing behind the curtain.


Killua was always playful with you, but he was also a gentleman and believe it or not, he was quite a nervous wreck when it came to your private parts.

The two of you planned on going to the beach that day, and Killua planned on picking you up at your house. He's only seen you in a one piece, surprisingly. You wanted to change it up, and bought a bikini. You were changing, your bikini bottoms were on, when you heard Killua from downstairs.

"Where are you, bunny?" He called.

"In my bedroom!" You replied. A few moments later, the door opened. You turned around, you hadn't put your top on yet, so your breasts were out there in the open. You could hear his breath get caught in his throat as he glanced down, and immediately closed the door.

You laughed to yourself. "It's fine Killua! You can come back in!"

He didn't come back in.


You were just stripping down to get into the shower, simple. You were in your room, already completely topless, and you were getting ready to pull down your panties and wrap a towel around yourself.

That's when your bedroom door opened. You quickly turned your head to see Illumi standing in the doorway. You swear you could see the tiniest, teeniest bit of pink littering his cheeks.

"Oh." He said simply. "Should I..?"

"It's fine," You said with a shrug. You weren't bothered by it at all. He took a seat on the bed, and pulled out his phone as you got undressed.

"By the way," He said, making you hum as you turned your head towards him. "Your anatomy is exceptionally perfect."

You choked.


Sleeping naked was comfortable to you. Let's just put that out there. But Hisoka had been staying over at your house recently, so you stopped the habit.

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