Aubrey's Anxiety(Chapter one)

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Chapter one

Intro//""Okay we can go.""

  It was a saturday, in the late evening. Aubrey had missed a week of school from being sick. She had, had a pretty nasty cold for two or three days and then she got better but continued to "be sick" for  a little longer, so she could miss her biology test.

  "Uhh" she said, while laying in her bed, holding her biology textbook in front of her face so she can read it. "Just finish reading so we can go." Sofia said, while sitting on the purple across the room. Aubrey replies: "That's it, I'm done. No more! Let's just go." Aubrey closes the book and sets it next to her in bed."Are you sure" Sofia asks. Aubrey gets up and sits in bed.

    "I always mean what I say you know that." said Aubrey. "Okay we can go." Sofia continues..."But you shouldn't have stayed out the rest of the week. You should've taken the test like everyone else." "I didn't want to." Aubrey replies. "You never want to do anything." Sofia told her. "What's that supposed to mean?" Aubrey gets out of bed and walks to her dresser to find an outfit to wear. She opens the first drawer of the dresser and starts staring at all her clothes, trying to decide to what to wear. She takes out an orange turtle neck and red skirt and walks to her bed. She puts down the turtleneck and skirt on the bed and walks to the dresser.

  "Okay I think this will do." She says while still internally questioning what to wear. Sofia almost opens her mouth to say something and stops herself. "Oh I have to-" Sofia exclaimed, she almost stopped to be polite. She took a short,awkward pause then she went on: it's an awful outfit. Who are you...Velma? Take it off right now." "Sofia c'mon." Aubrey pleaded. "No." Aubrey said. "Change it, now!" Sofia screamed. "Who are you my mother?" Aubrey sarcastically inquired. "I just want you to look nice because I want us to look nice." Sofia says. Aubrey:"Who cares? We look fine. "Just change please." Sofia said. "Fine, but I don't want to." replied Aubrey.

  "Okay." Sofia said. Aubrey opens the drawer and takes out a yellow dress with yellow daisies on it. Aubrey says:"I'm not changing outfits again." Sofia replies: "Okay.". Sofia got up from the chair and said, "Are you ready to go?" "Yeah, I've been ready to go for hours." Aubrey said annoyed.

*I know this isn't long the chapters will probably be really short but I hope you enjoyed it so far.

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