Chapter 1

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It was a beautiful day in Berk. Hiccup and Astrid walked through the village with pride, as there hands intertwined. The power couple was celebrating there 3rd year anniversary at the Great Hall. The bad just defeated Grimmel a few months ago, and now peace is throughout the village of Berk. For now.
Hiccup POV:
I walked through the village with my gorgeous wife. She was so beautiful. I can't believe she is actually mine.
"3 years already babe," I tell her. "I can't believe it. Just wait for the more years to come," She replies. I turn her so she looks directly to me. We just look into each other's eyes. I lean in to kiss her lips.  We break apart and head for the great hall celebration.
"This party is getting tiring," Astrid says, yawning. We had been dancing on the floor for a very long time. " one more dance with my beautiful wife and we can go Home," I tell her. We swayed as the slow song came on. Astrid had her head on my shoulder. The song ended and j kissed her. "Lets go home," I tell her. We left the Great Hall to go home. Astrid was really tired so I let her go to bed while I did some Chief work. I checked the time. 11 already. The party was 6 hours before we left. I left the hut to go on a fly with Toothless.
Astrid POV:
I woke up to being choked to death. I was clawing at my attackers hands. Hiccup wasn't even home. I was kicking my attacker from the bed and I was banged into the wall. "Stop kicking me," my attacker replied. I kicked him in the place where the sun don't shine. He let go of me and I dropped breathing for air. He was down on his knees. He stood up wobbily and walked over to me. "I said to stop, so you will suffer the consequences!" He put his leg up and slammed it into my leg. SNAP. "AHHHH" I scream and started crying. The man just snapped my leg. He punched me in the gut and picked me up. Making sure I was weak. "Hiccup, Hiccup, H" I whispered from pain and exhaustion. He put me on a boat, and we sailed away from Berk. I had cuts, bruises, a broken leg, and maybe a concussion from being slammed into the wall. We sailed until I saw Berk no more.

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