Level up

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"Hello" = Normal talk

'Okay' = Though

(Mighty Action X) = Gashat sound

Critical = Finisher and Weapon sound

"I am here" = All Might Muscle form

'Welcome' = Sign

Henshin = Transforming

The next day in a beach call Dagoba Municipal Beach it was once a beautiful beach full of peace and beauty

However as time go on people begin to threw their trash on the beach ruining it beauty and wander and here is where we find Izuku pulling a refrigerator toward the beach entrance with no problem at all and All Might and Parad was sitting on top of fridge

"Hey it look like you doing well down there I can tell you be working out a lot why that" All Might ask from the top of the fridge Parad who was sitting next to him on the fridge answer "well the power I give him require him to be physically strong so I taken above myself to train his body we always train after school and on the weekends and we been doing it since he was 8 years old"

"I see by the way what is your relationship with young Midoriya here" All Might ask Parad wandering about the two

"Oh Izuku and I have a brother relationship ever since he found me" Parad answers but the lost part confuses All Might

"Found you what do you mean" All Might ask and Parad answers "well me and a friend of my was trapped inside a game console but Izuku found us and that how we met and by the way All Might what are we doing here" Parad ask as Izuku just finish moving the fridge and two laundry machines

"It simple really to prepare young Midoriya for the backdraw of one for all" All Might expain which confuses Parad

"You see the backdraw of my qurik is that it hold a lot of power which means if the holder body can't stand it their body will break parts like sticks so to prevent that from happening he need to build up his body ever more" All Might said as he punch the fridge down until it was flat "and that is he first step toward becoming a hero" he finish explaining

"Is that why we here is Izuku going to build up his body by clear up the beach" Parad ask

"Yes exactly so are you with me and do you heard that me young Midoriya" he said and shout to Izuku who is push a car with some fridge and laundry machines on it

"Yea sir" Izuku shout back

"And you young Parad are you going to trained him as well" he ask Parad

"Yes Izuku currently can only use game up to level 5 so with this training and more he'll be able to fight in level 20 so shall we begin the training then" Parad said as he and All Might walk to Izuku and prepare him for U.A

7 months later 3 months before the entrance exam

(A/N the training went like it was in the canon except Izuku was doing a better job in the training)

Only 3 months remained until the U.A entrance and Izuku have improved immensely so now his body can handle up to level 20 and is ready to receive one for all

"Young Midoriya it is time for you to receive one for all are you ready" All Might said

"Yes I'm ready" Izuku said as Allmight pull a strand from hair "now eat this" All Might said as he holds his hair in front of Izuku

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