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Hey guys! I'm so busy this following week so I'll try to update once every two days and if you're lucky it'll still be daily! :) enjoy the chapter! :)

The movie scene in this chapter is A FAKE MOVIE.

This book may be about 30-40 chapters :)


Song of chapter: My boy — Billie Eilish



"Don't you think it's weird?" Tanner asked, "Zack and Daisy?" He added, we were both at my place because why not?

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"Don't you think it's weird?" Tanner asked, "Zack and Daisy?" He added, we were both at my place because why not?

"Well yeah but it's really not our problem" I said, Daisy's love life was something I was definitely not interested in.

"Do you think she even knows about Zack's past as a player on the team?" He asked, why was Tanner so obsessed with them?

"I'm pretty sure she does, man" I said, taking a slice of pizza out of the takeout we ordered. "Everyone knows the Zack fiasco." I added, taking a bite of my pizza.

"I don't think she knows." He stated.

I rolled my eyes, "why does it matter to you so much? I thought we don't give two shits about her?" I said

"Tell me you're not interested why Zack chose her out of all the girls in school? Don't you think he's plotting something?" Tanner asked again.

He does kinda have a point. But still, why is it bothering him so much?

"Why do you care? If she's off the team it'll be a good riddance." I lied, ever since Daisy Adams joined our team, we've been playing way better and coming up with smarter plans.

But I can't admit that.

"Don't lie to yourself, James. She's the best thing that happened to our team." Tanner said, his voice sounded defeated.

She officially cracked Tanner.

And me. "This feels like Kyle's fiasco all over again, doesn't it?" I asked, when Kyle joined our team I wanted him out, he looked weak, his boney figure didn't seem like the type to play football

But he's one heck of a smart guy, and he's stronger than he seems too. Being proven wrong is really annoying.

"but we can't admit she's good." I added

"Her and I are kind of...acquaintances" Tanner said, I didn't really feel shocked, she's been tutoring him for a week, it was bound to happen.

"I noticed, I don't really care" I stated, Tanner nodded, taking a slice of his pineapple pizza, I've agreed to lots of things, but I shall never agree to the combination of Pizza and Pineapples

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