01. a disappearance of grisha

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'The Grisha are gone from our land

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'The Grisha are gone from our land.'

A girl was running through the darkened forest. Her white dress cut by the branches, blood oozing from her wounds. The pain was executing, slowly draining her of her strength.

She didn't know how she was still able to run. She didn't even think about it. Just as she didn't think about her hazy vision, the white spots flashing at the corners of her eyes.

"I SEE HER!" a man yelled out behind her, much closer than she anticpated, making the girl's heart jump suddenly pushing more blood, more adrenaline, through her veins.

Her renewed force made her run faster, push herself harder and ignore her aching muscles until she finally saw what she needed the most, a wide road that represented the end of the hunt.

Just a few more steps and she'll be in Ravka, and someone will see her and she'll be safe. They had to, it was the main road and there was always someone near. Just a few more steps and she'll finally reach the light.

But the footsteps behind her grew louder, and she could hear the wolves running beside their human friends, both species equally hungry for blood, and her legs were shaking and she could taste her own copper blood and freedom on her lips, laced with an insane sort of happiness and a wild fear, making her head spin like fine liquor. It was a heady sensation. It was desperation in its most primal form.

There was a drumming noise inside her head that she didn't know whether it came from the druskelle or within, all she knew was that she reached the light, running wildly on the dusty road, her eyes unable to see anymore from the long hours she hid in the shadows.

She heard voices, the speech gentler and a bit faster than her mother's tongue. Blindly she tried to walk towards them, but her legs shook too much and she fell, heaving on her hands and knees as her eyes adjusted to the sudden change.

Those people were Ravkan, she crossed the border, surely, surely they wouldn't follow her here, on the enemy territory, the only safe heaven for people like her.

But they did, terrified even more than her of the idea that a person like her would fall into the Darklings hands again. Scared beyond belief that the fate they evaded twenty years ago will repeat itself.

The rules didn't matter, burning the witch didn't matter, all that truly mattered was killing the girl before the enemy got her.

So they run after her, and just as her eyes adjusted to the sudden change, a druskelle caught her by her hair and pulled back sharply, baring her milky neck to the steel cold bite of his dagger.

She saw people in front of her, beautifully dressed in colors of red and blue, jumping up to help her, but the blade was already tearing at her skin and there was only one thing she could do. After all, if she were to die her tormentors will follow.

She let go and the world light up.

'Not all of them are.'


Okay guys, this is sort of an intro of the first act. I'm trying out a new writing style to see how I'll do and I honestly hope you won't hate it. Also, can we talk about the fact that Ben Barnes will be the Darkling in the TV show? I honestly want to hear your opinions about the cast and the show, the books in general and ofc about my take on the story.

Lots of Love....


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