takes two to tango

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*3 months ago*

This party is seriously horrible, how did Lacey even talk me into this?

Wait, where'd she even go?

"Lacey!" I called out, the music wasn't even that loud, so if she were here she would've heard me.

My phone binged.

Lacey: Mama's gettin' lucky tonight ;) don't wait up!


I sighed, then turned to head for the door.

Except I saw this guy slouching on the couch, he looked like he was thinking, his face was serious.

He looked hispanic, his skin smooth and tinted. His dark hair was kinda short but it seems he styled it with a little bit of gel.

Wow... my eyes stuck to him.

A girl walked over and sat on his lap - what the fuck?

He shook his head as if he were telling her no, then began to shift, like he was trying to get her off of him.

Instead, she snaked her arms around his neck, he tried to wiggle out of her grasp, but he was slow - definitely drunk.

Could she not take the hint?

Before I knew it, I was walking over there.

I tapped on the girls shoulder and she turned her neck to look at me, I gave a charming smile and gestured behind me.

"There's a guy waiting for you upstairs, I think he said his name was Jacob?"

She gasped.

"Finally! Guess this means he finally dumped his bitch of a girlfriend!" Then she hopped off the boys lap and trotted up the stairs to get the dick that wasn't waiting for her.

"Who's Jacob?" The boy grumbled.

"I dunno, there are probably like 5 Jacobs here right now, so I just chose that name." I chuckled.

He laughed a little, then he hiccuped.

Fuck, he's cute.

"Thanks for that," he slurred. Then he tried standing up, I got in front of him before just before he fell over and I hoisted him up, balancing him with my arms.

His hands held onto my shoulders to stabilize himself while his face ended up planting in my chest.

My face went hot. Was I blushing? I couldn't be blushing...

"I don't feel so hot..." he slurred again.

I rolled my eyes, "let's get you some fresh air."

I wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I led him outside to the front porch where I sat him down and he sighed.

The air was cold and crisp, this should help sober him up a bit.

"Life is so unfair..." he pouted.

"Why's that?" I sat next to him.

"You ever liked someone? Like a lot... and it's like they don't even realize it?"

Honestly, nope.

"Yeah, I know the feeling..." I lied.

"Oh, c'mon. A good looking guy like you? Girls must be throwing themselves at you."

"Actually, I'm not interested... in girls."

"Oh," he shrugged it off, not seeming to bother him.

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