New friends?

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                                           you are the new girl, I'm Lucy " the same girl who smiled at me at history class said, stretching out her hand for a handshake. I awkwardly shook her hand, wondering why the sudden interest in me.

Then she continued :"I guess you have seen my twin brother Jason on every poster and the lots hmm? Don't let that fool you OK, he can be a dimwit sometimes it's just his exterior outlook "

I was shocked, the football captain is your brother? but didn't realise that I thought that aloud.

"He can be annoying sometimes but he sure is my twin brother, any problem with that? " I replied with a No.

Then she asked:" And you are? " "Katherine but Katie preferably" I said managing a smile, "Hmm, Katie Huh?! I like the name, so wanna hang out sometime?" I didn't know how to reply.....

Am I getting a friend here? I thought

I just nodded as an answer, "See you tomorrow then, bye"she finally said and headed to meet her brother "Bye!!? " I said in barely a whisper, more of a question than a statement.

At home.........

"Hi mom" I greeted my mom immediately I got home, my mom beamed with joy, this got me asking :" Soooo what happened while I was in school, hope you ain't cheating on me? "I playfully teased.

"Guess what, I made a new friend.......(I snickered at the coincidence of that happening 50-1) and it doesn't stop there !!! She lives next door, could you join me, I wanna go say HI, please help with the cookies in the oven, they should be nice and ready by now" she replied.

Ahhhhh!!!!! More work and more hurting  I thought

As getting too attached meant problems due to our status of constant relocation, you never know when our next flight starts.

My mom hurried upstairs to change while I was stuck with pastries, great!!!!!, after a well prepared arrangement from my mom, we were off to my mom's friend home.

She gave me a heads up :"Katie dear, my friend's name is Alicia Anderson, she has two children but one is all grown up and has a family so the youngest a son I guess about your age or a little bit older and so figures, he goes to your school" as she said the latter part I raised an eyebrow at that.

My mom pressed the bell signalling our presence, it took like 20 seconds before the door slowly opened and there stood Mrs Anderson with a smile.

"Hi!!!" they both said in unison. "Welcome, do come in" she continued.

Who's the son in question of Mrs Anderson?

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