Chapter 1

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"We need someone to take charge somewhat since everything in this country is going to fall to shit. I think Sky should do it," The boys rolled their eyes before Nova continued, "simply because she has more knowledge about the zombies and how to survive and whatnot." She finished visibly cringing after saying the word zombie. After watching a few different news reports everyone knew exactly what we were dealing with.

"Hold on a minute. I don't think we need a leader things are going to happen and we've all known each other for long enough that if one person says something the other three will do it. So instead of setting a leader we just work as a team" I said not wanting to be responsible if anything should happen. It wasn't long before Blake spoke up,

"I agree with Skylar we can just work together." After a few moments of discussion we agreed that there would be no leader. 

"I'll be right back, can someone pull the blinds closed and turn off the light?" I asked before I left the room. I came back with three of my drawstring bags, two backpacks and two duffle bags, a few candles and a lighter to light the rooms. They all looked up at me clearly confused as to why I had brought the bags. "We need to pack."

"What? Why? All the news stations said to stay inside." Nova said trying to reason.

"Nova we need to pack to get away from the city. The four of us can fit into my truck and we can stop by your houses tomorrow and get what you need." I said as calmly as possible.

"That makes sense. But why so many bags?" Blake asked clearly confused.

"Once we leave we won't be coming back." Everyone was quiet before Nova started hyperventilating. Landon went over and wrapped her in a tight hug trying to reassure her that it was going to be okay while pushing her dirty blonde hair out of her face. Blake disappeared and returned with a glass of water and handed it to her which she gladly took. I turned to Blake and said in a whisper, "She'll be asleep soon, help me start packing, use your phone as your flashlight until you find the real ones because these candles are not enough.

"Sky why do we have to start now?" He asked me just as quietly.

"I want to be out of this area tomorrow before noon and you all live pretty close so if we all go through our apartments together then we can be." He nodded and followed me to my bedroom. Trying to reach up to the top shelf in my closet I looked at Blake, "You're much taller than me, can you get the extra pillows blankets and towels from the top shelf in my closet while I pack my clothes?"

"Of course, I assume four pillows and as many blankets as you have?" I nodded

"They go in the duffle bags." I turned around and started putting everything I could fit inside my backpack from my dresser. I managed to get most of my underwear, socks, jeans and three pairs of shorts into one. I was going to put my shirts and some comfy pants in my other and managed to get about twenty shirts, a pair of sweats, and a pair of comfy shorts inside. I was extremely happy that I had hiking backpacks.

"I managed to only use a duffel bag and a half to fit them all. You only have three blankets and they are like quilts so they don't take up much space and then the pillows but I grabbed about five towels is that enough? I have a bunch of blankets at my house I think." Blake said breaking the silence. I was impressed with how much he fit.

"That's perfect. How'd you do it?"

"I rolled the blankets and towels to make more room."

"Great I'm gonna toss you a few things we're gonna need can you fit them in the bag?"

"I'll try."

"Thanks." I said trying not to let my voice break as the reality of the situation hit me. Before I knew it Blake had his arms wrapped around me in a hug.

"You don't have to act strong. We all know you're brave but this is gonna be hard on us all." He said before lightly kissing the top of my head. I let tear after tear fall as I hugged him back. After probably five minutes I pulled away and went to the bathroom. I put my toothbrush into a baggy and grabbed the two things of toothpaste. I handed them to blake and he put them in the bag. I went back in and grabbed the box of pads and tampons because periods are still going to happen and handed them to Blake. I grabbed my soaps and tossed them to Blake before grabbing bandaids, peroxide, ace bandages, the small first aid kit I got from my mom that held had for sutures, and a couple needles that I had. Blake managed to fit it all and we took the three drawstrings to the kitchen and grabbed all the canned goods, soups, and anything boxed that was easily made, which only filled up two bags. I had six reusable water bottles and a half a case of plastic ones the plastic ones I normally kept in my car we threw those in the freezer we would simply keep those out there was no need to put them in the bag. "Sky how ya holding up you look like you're on the edge of tears again."

"I am but we'll talk about it later. What else could be useful?" I said looking at him.

"We definitely need weapons and flashlights and batteries and lighters and probably matches." He said after thinking.

"And forks and spoons." I said. After about five minutes we had four spoons, four forks, the knife set under my bed, the kitchen knife set from my kitchen, and the small pistol my father had given to me the day before he died. We went to the living room and made sure everything was off and blew out the candles we had lit in the living room. Nova and Landon were cuddled up on the couch under the blanket that was kept there fast asleep. I looked at Blake, "You can sleep in my room with me if you want, It's probably the last good nights sleep you're gonna get in a while." He nodded in agreement and followed me. "Is it okay if I take a shower it's probably the last hot one for a while."

"Yeah that's fine" he responded. I cried for the entire thirty minutes I was in the shower. I was terrified. I could die, my friends could die. I came back out with the smile on my face I went in with and I actually felt slightly better. I put my long black hair into a braid so it wouldn't get in my way. I crawled into bed and laid down. "How was your shower?"

"It felt great." I said as he put his arm around me and pulled me closer. This wasn't out of the ordinary for him considering we had been friends since we were really little. We talked about random things for probably about an hour. Neither of us could sleep and when I looked at the clock it read two AM. I put my arm around Blakes midsection.

"I love you." He said

"Yeah I love you too." I responded we were the best of friends since were like six so it was normal.

"No like I really love you like not in a friend way." My heart quickened and I could feel a smile creeping across my face.

"I think I do too but you choose right now to tell me this?" I said a little loudly forgetting about the two in the other room.

"Well I wanted to tell you awhile ago put i got to nervous."

"Awe" I responded, "But what exactly do you want to do about it since the world has literally been thrown into an apocalypse?"

"I don't know but I thought I should say something." He said and I looked up at him he leaned down and kissed me which I didn't expect. After a few minutes I kissed back and he pulled me on top of him so I straddled him. It was a very intense makeout session that lasted about an hour and ended with no shirts and several hickies. That was going to be fun to explain. In that hour we forgot about the danger lurking outside and when I rolled off of him I snuggled close and we fell asleep, well I fell into a light doze I can't speak for him though. At seven I was awake and ready to move.

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