Hanyu - Arranged Marrige pt2

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「Hanyu's p.o.v」

I never knew....

I looked at Y/N and frowned, her eyes were fixed on her hands. I held onto her hand and tucked strands of hair behind her ear. She smiled softly and placed her other hand on mine, her eyes glistening as small tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked at me, her eyes slightly red. My heart shattered seeing her like this. God I hate seeing girls cry. I thought to myself as I pulled her into my arms.

"It's okay Y/N, I'm here for you, no matter what, got it~" I whispered as I rubbed circles on her back, attempting to comfort her. I lifted her chin up and wiped her tears "Lets get going, our parents must be wondering why  we havent came down yet~" I spoke softly and helped her clear the evidence on her face, showing that she's been crying.

Afew minutes later we walked downstairs and sat with our parents. I glanced over at (Y/N) and she nodded her head. "Mother?" I asked and she looked at me. "When is the wedding?" I said nervously and looked at my feet. "2 months and a week sweetie~". Wow, such a short period of time to plan a whole wedding. I thought to myself and sighed, nodding my head signaling my mother that I understood.
/to lazy, soooorry/

~2 months and a week T.S~

/Hanyu's p.o.v/

Reeeee! Today is the wedding day I'm so nervous right now I don't know what to do.

I sat in my bed and looked around seeing that (Y/N) had fallen on the floor. I dragged myself off my bed and picked (Y/N) up and putting her on the bed. She smiled and curled up under the blankets.

I cleaned up my room and prepared for a shower. I stood in the shower as the warm water hit my small body, singing to 'Stay Magical'. After 30 minutes I got out, dried, and dressed myself in some basketball shorts and an oversized long-sleeve.

I walk out only to see (Y/N) sitting up looking around "Why am I in here again?" she texted me "We were just sitting on the bed talking, and I told you I can't sleep alone, so you stayed with me~" I said shyly and rubbed the back of my neck.

She smiled brightly and blushed as she threw herself back on the bed. I laughed and crawled back on the bed and sat next to her. She looked at me and my heart skipped a beat. She's looks so beautiful when she wakes up. I thought.

Her (H/C) hair was spread out in all directions, her (S/C) skin was shining with the suns rays. Her plump lips curling into a perfect smile, and last, her mesmerizing big (E/C) eyes sparkled with happiness.

I covered my eyes and squealed. Throughout the 2 months we were together, I think I slowly began growing feelings for her. Everytime I see her I just want to hold her in my arms and protect her from the big world.

I laid on my back and turn my head to look at her. She laid on her side and faced me, propping herself up with her elbow. We stared at each other in the eyes and I found myself leaning closer to her BUT! Stopped when our moms busted inside. "Come on you guys need to change! Aaish! I can't wait to see my precious (Y/N) walk down the aisle!" (Y/N)' s mom squealed and exited the room.

Me and (Y/N) looked at each other and smiled, soon getting up to be driven to were our wedding is being held.

-At the wedding-
~(Y/N)'s p.o.v~

I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled, my dress wasn't super fancy, it was short in the front and long in the back, with cute ruffles and a heart shape on my chest. I gasped as my friend pulled to tight on the corset I didn't even need. "GOSH MINZEE DON'T PULL SO HARD I CAN'T BREATH!" I whisper yelled.

Yes I talked, I began speaking 3 days after Hanyu and I began to spend everyday together. Minzee was the only one who knew, she cried the first time.

//play "Cosmic Railway" by EXO! NOW!//

I smiled as she loosened the corset. My heart skipped a beat when I heard the bells chime. My father walked and nodded, I wrapped my arm around his and we slowly began to walk down the aisle. I saw Hanyu standing on the platform smiling widely with small tears coming out of his eyes. My dad came to a stop and I looked at him, nodding softly.

He let go of my arm and I stood in front of Hanyu. Then the priest began to speak.

"Do you Hanyu take (S/N) (Y/N) to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do~"

"And do you (S/N) (Y/N) take Hanyu to be your lawfully wedded husband? Through sickness and through health, for better or for worst, either rich or poor?"

"I do~"

Hanyu's eyes widen as I spoke, and all I did was stare in his eyes, tears rolling down his cheek.

"You may kiss the bride~"

I  wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me into a sweet kiss. Everyone cheered and I slightly pulled away "I love you Hanyu~" I giggled



"I-I love you too (Y/N)~"

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