Chapter 67

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I set the rifle down on the table in front of them with a loud thunk. "I'm sorry about Kyle, Aaron, really. If I could have prevented it, I would have," I sighed, looking up at one of the alphas who stood next to York. He gave me a nod and a regretful look that he understood. "Hopefully there's a wolf that can put this to good use," I said, setting the ammo down by the rifle. "There are a few that have been trained by the military that could actually use this, yes. Perhaps it will come in handy to take the Templars out at their compound." "Or out in the forest," I countered. A plan was coming to my mind of how we could lure Templars into a trap in the forest; similar to their set up that they had been using against supernaturals.

"Can you gather all the guys who can use rifles with accuracy? I have an idea for how we can continue to thin the Templars in the forest at least. If we could get an entire group of snipers set up in a specific location we could lure the Templars to the place using bait and then cut them off from the back, slaughtering them with the rifles and physical attacks," I explained. York nodded at me saying, "That's very doable. What bait?" "Well, I'd volunteer if I need to but I know of three very protective vampire brothers who would throw a colossal fit, if I even mentioned it," I answered him. "I guess I could lure them to the selected location," Sebastian offered. "In wolf form, maybe, Sebastian. But you're known around the community and we can't have them knowing your identity." "That shouldn't be a problem," he said.

"When did you want to try this trap, Sasha?" York asked. "Not today, I have other plans I need to take care of first, before we start this. For now you can gather your guys, locate guns and maybe take them out for some practice time in the woods, so they will be ready to start as early as next week." York nodded at me saying, "Consider it done." I gave him a nod back saying, "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere I need to be." I turned and walked out of the great lodge, down the steps and right up to Sebastian's motorcycle. He was a little slower in following me than I would have preferred. I hated being the bearer of bad news, which is exactly why I refused to make promises of being able to rescue Lucas; it's why I hadn't even mentioned my suspicion.

I sighed. I wasn't in the mood to wait, even to say goodbye. I guess he could catch up with me later. I walked past the bike and got into Drogo's car, starting it up. I had come alone this time, needing some time to think and some space. I had been rather moody the last couple of days. I revved the engine and pulled the car around, past the wolves as they were coming out of the lodge; York caught my attention, so I stilled and rolled down my window. "Yeah?" "You know where they have him?!" A deeply irritated scowl captured my face and I switched my glare to Sebastian. My eyes lit up red in anger while I hissed at him, angry that he had said something. He had the good sense to look to the side, awkward. "Someone has a big mouth," I said with a bitter, angry edge.

"Why didn't you tell me?" York demanded. "Because I don't know, York. I have a pretty good idea, but I'm not one to start making promises I cant fulfill. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence and trust, you know." "Neither does secrecy," York retorted quietly. "I was going to go look into it first, and then come back with some actual information, York. Don't spin it like I'm a villain. I don't want to get your hopes up to only be dashed. I'm going to go check it out now and I'll let you know, alright?" "I'm coming," he said. I rolled my eyes. "I'm not sure that's the best idea, York." "A few of us are," Sebastian chipped in. I looked at him, glaring again. I was openly angry with him at the moment; like hell he was coming. I switched my gaze back to York. He was too emotionally invested in this; they all were.

"No, you're too on edge. I'll take the Bartholys with me and let you know," I said, turning my head to leave. "Please, Sasha! I need to make sure Lucas is rescued. He's my second. He's important to me and our pack. He's my friend and I care about him deeply!" I snarled at him, "And you think I don't? You think I don't know that, York? He's my friend too. Don't become delusional that you're the only one that cares about him here! I'll let you know if I find anything." I didn't wait for a reply from either of them and gunned the engine, flying out of the drive to head down the winding mountain road back to Mysteryspell. It was almost night, the perfect time to do some surveillance. I was so irritated that I went straight to the outskirts of town, parking the car, and I hopped out to go investigate where I believed they were holding Lucas.

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