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Next morning

Michael and Calum woke early, going out to a quiet breakfast cafe on the water
"Thanks for paying" Michael grinned, sipping his coffee and relaxing in his chair
"Yeah, of course" he nodded, taking a bite of his crepe and chewing it slowly. Calum watched Michael, taking in his face as he looked out at the ocean, smiling calmly "Michael..." he started slowly "d- d'you wanna talk about yesterday?" He bit his lip
      "Yeah, I- I'm sorry Cal" he continued to drink his coffee "um- I- I don't know what was going on" he shrugged
"Is there something I could do? O- or was it something I did?" He asked, concerned
       "No... no it wasn't you- Cal, I really like you a- and I don't want you to think this is your fault" he shook his head "I really don't know what it was- I- I just wasn't in the mood anymore" he shrugged "but thank you for making me feel better" he quirked a smile, reaching his hand out
"You're welcome Mike" he grinned, rubbing Michael's knuckles with his thumb "I'm glad you let me know what was going on"
He nodded and they continued to eat, sitting quietly a little longer when they finished, and then mutually agreeing to leave

Calum pulled out a cigarette, lighting up as they walked. Without thinking Michael wrinkled his nose
     "sorry..." Calum murmured, seeing his face
He didn't say anything, just nodding and continuing their nice, quiet walk
       "How long've you been smoking?" He asked softly after a little bit
Calum shrugged casually "um- 6 years maybe? I- I'm trying to stop, but- uh- it's hard" he took another puff, careful to blow the smoke in the opposite direction of Michael "I started smoking more heavily when we moved to LA- this stuff's so fucking addicting-" he shook his head, laughing dryly "I wouldn't recommend it"
     "Yeah it's not my thing- I've only smoked a cigarette once. I stole it from my dad" he chuckled "I thought it would be cool because he did it, but- uh- it- it sucked"
Calum laughed, asking "what about weed?"
       "A couple times-" he shrugged "it's fun, but smoking anything's just not for me; which is good I guess" he smiled "my dad kinda turned me off of all that- he quit smoking, but it took a while... I drink if I'm at a party or- or something-" he explained
Calum nodded "I respect that- 's probably good you don't smoke" he chuckled dryly "it sucks" he shook his head, but continued to drag "I wish I could stop... i- it kind of hurts; it turns people off if they see me smoke and it, like, gives them the impression that I'm a bad person a- and I don't like that"
        Michael nodded in agreement "I get it- none of my friends ever came to my house when I was little because their parents didn't like that my dad smoked" He shook his head "it took him so long to kick it too- it's hard... but I like you Calum, and so do lots of people, and you smoking isn't going to change my view of you" He grinned
Calum's face rose, smiling back at him "thank you Michael"
       "If you really want to kick it, you will" he spoke confidently "you just have to want to"
Calum snubbed his cigarette as they reached the car, throwing it in a nearby trashcan and getting in the passenger side "you're a really good friend Michael" he smiled genuinely "I'm really glad that you came into my life-" that made Michael blush "no- no seriously!" He emphasized "you're so kind and understanding..." he paused "a- and I don't know where I'm going with this-" he laughed "but I just thought you should know"
           Michael was trying to hide his blush, but also smiling widely "thank you Cal" he nodded "that means a lot"

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